The latest update for the Hold Up app for the iPhone has brought us 20 new levels and I am here to share with you a complete walkthrough to the rest of the new levels, the Hold Up walkthrough for levels 31 – 40. The game gets tougher and tougher but I am sure that you won’t let this stand in your way, especially that you have a complete solution for each of the levels below.

So let’s check out the Hold Up Walkthrough below!

Hold Up Level 31 walkthrough
Tap and hold the blue circle, then rotate it clockwise until the lights are turned on. Then, count the number of balls in each tray and write the correct number in the indicators above the door.

Hold Up Level 32 walkthrough
This is tricky because there isn’t just one solution to the level, as the items change each time. The idea, however, is to tap – from left to right – the buttons to have the colors indicate the region from which the items below are coming from. Good luck!

Hold Up Level 33 walkthrough
You need to spot the difference here, it’s just one – the green leaf on the right side of the tree. Press it (on the wall, not on the painting) and you can move forward.

Hold Up Level 34 walkthrough
You now need to color the paintings as seen on the wall. The thing is that you must combine colors (you only have three) to get other colors. So here is how to combine them: for yellow, red and green; for light blue, blue and green.

Hold Up Level 35 walkthrough
You have to press the correct button on the floor, matching the color of the symbol that appears above the door. Do so until the door opens.

Hold Up Level 36 walkthrough
Tap the blue button, which will open the camera – and take a picture, then select “Use”. Drag the photo to the lever on the left and take another picture and do the same thing to have the lever go all the way down.

Hold Up Level 37 walkthrough
You have to complete both puzzles here, and bring the brown piece with green to the green end.

Hold Up Level 38 walkthrough
Keep your phone in a vertical position and slightly tilt it in the direction indicated by the yellow needle above the door. Follow the needle until you open the door.

Hold Up Level 39 walkthrough
Play all the piano keys correctly to open the door. Hint: learn which piano key is which note by playing them before

Hold Up Level 40 walkthrough
First, tap and hold the arrow on the door, then spin it in the direction the arrow is pointing (it will change for 4 times). After the 4th time is completed correctly and you have turned green the first 4 buttons, you must tap the colored circles from the smallest to the biggest, according to the door. Then open and exit.

And this is it! The Hold Up walkthrough for level 31 to level 40 is complete and we must now wait for a new update with brand new levels. Until then, make sure to check out the Hold up walkthrough for the previous 10 levels.