I love it when game developers try their best to add something new to a popular genre on smartphones – the puzzle/escape the room genre and Subway Exits for iPhone is exactly what we needed in terms of originality and great game mechanics.

I am here to share with you a Subway Exits walkthrough for each of the “zones” in the game, and we’ll start today with the first available in the mobile app, Washington. So check out below a complete Subway Exits: Washington Walkthrough!

Subway Exits Washington Level 1 Walkthrough
Just tap any of the red signals on the door and a green GO button will appear.

Subway Exits Washington Level 2 Walkthrough
Move the yellow sign to the left and pick up the key. Use it on the door and proceed.

Subway Exits Washington Level 3 Walkthrough
Quickly tap the button until the red bar is away and the door opens.

Subway Exits Washington Level 4 Walkthrough
Drag any of the doors to the middle and press the GO button.

Subway Exits Washington Level 5 Walkthrough
Put the finger on the yellow ribbons and remove them all. Then, pick up the pass that falls and use it to open the door.

Subway Exits Washington Level 6 Walkthrough
Tilt the iPhone until the pass reaches the red line.

Subway Exits Washington Level 7 Walkthrough
Shake the phone until all the spiders and webs are gone so you can pass.

Subway Exits Washington Level 8 Walkthrough
Drag the item under the ball that keeps it blocked, then tilt the phone towards you so that the ball moves from the screen. Then you can use the door to exit.

Subway Exits Washington Level 9 Walkthrough
Shake the phone and a hammer will appear. Take it and use it on the doors (in the middle) to break them and proceed.

Subway Exits Washington Level 10 Walkthrough
First, tilt the phone to one side so that the door moves. Then, tilt it to the other side to have both door moving. A green GO sign should appear in the bottom right corner – drag it between the doors and press it to move forward.

Subway Exits Washington Level 11 Walkthrough
Photos of animals will appear on the screens to the sides. You need to tap the button indicating how many legs each animal has to open the door.

Hopefully this walkthrough was helpful and you got past the more difficult levels. Also, make sure to check back soon for the rest of the walkthrough for the game and its other stages when the update is released.

UPDATE: And now the Subway Exits New York Walkthrough has been released, make sure to check it out for the solutions to the new levels!

Thanks Vgamerz for part of the solution!