After completing the first 11 levels of Subway Exits for iPhone in Washington, it’s time to move forward and try the New York challenge which brings a new set of challenges which are extremely inventive and manage to get our total attention, but are also difficult, meaning that a walkthrough is more than welcome. And that we have today: Subway Exits New York walkthrough!

So check out the Subway Exits walkthrough below for the New York walkthrough (the first 16 levels) and we can only hope that future updates will make this great game match its potential again!

Subway Exits New York Level 1 Walkthrough
There’s a Play word on the train – tap it to open the door and proceed.

Subway Exits New York Level 2 Walkthrough
Press the red button under the traffic lights and keep it pressed until the doors open.

Subway Exits New York Level 3 Walkthrough
Tilt the phone to the right so that the train arrives in station. Hold the door in the spotlight until a green button appears, and when it does, quickly tap it to proceed to the next level.

Subway Exits New York Level 4 Walkthrough
Tap the animals in the following order (as indicated by the graph): Bull, Bull, Bear, Bull, Bea, Bull, Bear, Bear

Subway Exits New York Level 5 Walkthrough
– Open first door by tapping it
– Open second door by tilting your phone to the left to open the left part, then right to open the right part.
– Open third door by tapping and holding it until it opens.
– Open fourth door by shaking the phone until a pass falls, then use it on the door.

Subway Exits New York Level 6 Walkthrough
Press the Chinese symbol to the left. Many symbols will fall, you need to tap the one that looks like the symbol you have already pressed. A stick will fall – pick it up and use it on the right symbol.

Subway Exits New York Level 7 Walkthrough
Tap and hold your finger on the white dots, then move in the maze without slipping out of it (you start on the left side and end at the green sign).

Subway Exits New York Level 8 Walkthrough
You have to make the diamond tips point as the number one on the price tags indicates. Please have in mind that they need to match the color (e.g. first diamond points at 5 o’clock because the 1 on the green price tag is there; second diamond points at the top, 12 o’clock, because the 1 on the blue tag is up and so on)

Subway Exits New York Level 9 Walkthrough
You need to follow the direction indicated by the arrows and swipe on the screen as they indicate. You can now move the pillar to the right and reveal a switch – tap it and do the whole thing again to see what circles colors to select (left is blue, top is yellow, right is red, bottom is green).

Subway Exits New York Level 10 Walkthrough
This is a simple memory game in which you have to match the cards in pairs. You tap cards to reveal them and match them.

Subway Exits New York Level 11 Walkthrough
Make the switches/signs/whatevers in the middle point in the following directions: top left one points right, top right one points down, bottom left one points up and bottom right one points left.

Subway Exits New York Level 12 Walkthrough
Tap the Emergency Toolbox in the lower left corner and take the tools, then tap the three broken panels. Notice that there are some wires that are destroyed: you have to tap them and hold them all at the same time, and while you keep them pressed, touch the call button under the traffic lights.

Subway Exits New York Level 13 Walkthrough
You have to combine the colors from the left side with colors from the right side using the same order. So combine at the top left yellow with red (get orange), middle top: blue and yellow (get green) and so on.

Subway Exits New York Level 14 Walkthrough
Move the pillar to the left to reveal one more light. Quickly tap the lights from right to left – the goal being to have all the lights on at the same time. When this happens, the train will come.

Subway Exits New York Level 15 Walkthrough
From left to right, you should have the following number of bars on each column: 3 bars, 6 bars, 1 bar, 4 bars, 2 bars, 5 bars. Touch the speaker to play the tune and the train will come.

Subway Exits New York Level 16 Walkthrough
Drag down the three items you can see in the upper part of the screen to reveal some items. Turn the item to the left into clouds and rain, turn the right one into sun and the middle one into rainbow (with colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet)

And this is it! The 16 Levels or Subway Exits New York are complete, as well as this walkthrough. Hopefully, more levels will be released soon and they will be just as challenging and fun as these ones are.