After all the colors in the previous level, the 100 Rooms level 29 seems like a breath of fresh air – but it still is a difficult level to complete and I am sure you will find a walkthrough for this room extremely useful. So let’s see what to do to complete this new room and let’s check out together the 100 Rooms level 29 walkthrough below!

First, you have to pick up a knife from the floor, under the big wheel.

Then, go right and pick up the big hammer.

Go right again and pick up the bucket. Use it in your inventory with the water to fill it.

Go once again to the right and pick up the TV and the coat. Double tap the TV in the inventory and use the hammer on it to get the screen frame.

Next, in your inventory, double tap the coat and use the knife on it to get a rag. Double tap the screen frame in the inventory and use it with the rag.

Now use the rag with the aquarium and put the water inside. Tap the water remaining in the rag and you will get some gold (Wow, too bad we can’t keep that!)

Go back and twice to the left and use the gold pile with the machine there, then after placing the gold in the hole, use the hammer on it.

Take the coin and use it on the room to open it!

And this is it! The 100 Rooms Level 29 walkthrough is here and I hope you had a great time completing this level (and you’re not too sorry that you couldn’t keep the gold!). Don’t forget that we have a 100 Rooms Level 28 walkthrough live on the site already and you can now check out the level 30 walkthrough!