A set of new rooms has been released to 100 Rooms, the puzzle game for Android and I am here to share with you walkthroughs for each of the new rooms. We’ll start with the 100 Rooms Level 43 or Room 43, one level that you will surely love to complete.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the 100 Rooms Level 43 walkthrough now!

1. Go right and tap the chest to the left. Get a battery.
2. Go right twice and tap the chess board. Some of the squares have wrong colors (b-7, c-2, f-4)
3. Go left and tap the safe thing. In the upper part, type b – c – f. And below: 7, 2, 4.
4. Tap the green button and put the battery in. Press the up button.
5. Go back and right and tap the lower right foot of the couch. Get the thing from under the couch.
6. Go to the room with the string and use the thing you got with the key.
7. Go back to the controller, press down button, and up button.
8. Go back to the string and get the key, use the key on the door and exit!

And this is it! You have completed the 100 Rooms Level 43, stay tuned for the walkthroughs for the rest of the levels, only here on Unigamesity!