Logo Quiz Fun Plus Answers

Logo Quiz Fun Plus AnswersThere is a brand new and addictive Logo guessing game on Android, Logo Quiz Fun Plus! Cheats and walkthrough are here to provide you with the answers for the levels of the game and help you uncover the logos that you don’t know. So don’t use your hints to find out what the logos are in Logo Quiz Fun Plus, use these cheats with Level 1 answers!

So let’s waste no time and let’s check out the Logo Quiz Fun Plus Level 1 answers (in order from top left to right):

1. Acer
2. Adidas
3. Adobe
4. Air France
5. Amazon
6. Ariel
7. Asus
8. Atomic
9. Audi
10. Axa
11. Baidu
12. Barbie
13. Beko
14. Bic
15. Billabong
16. Bluetooth
17. Bosh
18. Breil
19. Bridge Stone
20. Brother
21. Burger King
22. Burton
23. Cadillac
24. Calvin Klein
25. Carrefour
26. Castrol
27. Chevrolet
28. Chevron
29. Chrysler
30. Chupa
31. Cisco
32. Citroen
33. CNN
34. Knorr
35. Corvette
36. ABN Amro
37. Absolut Vodka
38. AIG
39. Boeing
40. Brioni
41. Columbia Pictures
42. Credit Suisse
43. Daihatsu
44. Fender
45. Fosters
46. Hersheys
47. ICBC
48. Kotex
49. Marks Spencer
50. Martini
51. Milky Way
52. Patek Philippe
53. Penguin
54. Seat
55. Stimorol
56. Tuenti
57. Vaio
58. Vkontakte
59. Wrangler
60. Zyxel

Phew! These were some really difficult logos to guess, and overall the level of challenge in Logo Quiz Fun Plus is really high. So good that we have this walkthrough for you with the Logo Quiz Fun Plus Level 1 answers, because now everything is a lot easier for you! Stay tuned for the answers for the second level of the game!


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