Logo Quiz Fun Plus Answers

Logo Quiz Fun Plus AnswersLogo Quiz Fun Plus Level 2 answers here! Cheats for the Logo Quiz Fun Plus Level 2 can be found in this article, which will help you from the trouble of using your hints (if you have any left) to find out the correct answers for all the new logos! So if you are in doubt over some of the logos (which are really difficult in this level), refer to this Logo Quiz Fun Plus Level 2 Answers article and you will complete the level without trouble!

So let’s check out below the Logo Quiz Fun Plus Level 2 Answers in order from the top left one to right!

1. DHL
2. Discovery
3. Dr Pepper
4. Dreamworks
5. Ebay
6. Electrolux
7. Exxon
8. Facebook
9. Fiat
10. Fila
11. Firefox
12. Flickr
13. Ford
14. Fujitsu
15. Galp
16. General Electric
17. Gillette
18. Glaxo Smith Kline
19. Gmail
20. Google.
21. Greenpeace
22. Guiness
23. Haagen Dazs
24. Harley Davidson
25. HBO
26. Heinz
27. Hellokitty
28. HP
29. HTC
30. IBM
31. Ikea
32. Intel
33. Internet Explorer
34. Isuzu
35. Jack Daniels
36. Acura
37. Air Wick
38. Ati
39. Brita
40. Burn
41. Daytona
42. Delta Airlines
43. Dunhill
44. Forbes
45. Gap
46. Holsten
47. Jameson
48. Land Rover
49. Miller
50. Moet Chandon
51. Nasdaq
52. Petrochina
53. ?
54. Samsonite
55. Showtime
56. The Body Shop
57. UGG
58. Unicredit
59. Vodafone
60. Yelp

And this is it! We have completed one more level in Logo Quiz Fun Plus on Android. I really hope that these Level 2 answers and cheats have been enough for you to get the full solution for the game and that you had a great time completing this new level! See you soon for brand new levels of the game! Or, if you need help for the previous level, check out the Logo Quiz Fun Plus Level 1 Answers.


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