100 Escapers walkthrough here! From the creators of the popular 100 Rooms game, we have a new title: 100 Escapers which was just released and basically is the same thing under the same name: we have to solve puzzles and exit rooms, which makes it even better for those who like this type of games because we have more challenges to complete!

I am here to share with you a walkthrough for 100 Escapers, the solution to the five first levels and I really hope you’ll find this article useful and share it with your friends. So let’s start checking out the 100 Escapers walkthrough below, for levels 1 – 5.

100 Escapers walkthrough: Level 1

1. Go left and pick up the following: underwear from the model, chair and baseball bat from the sides of the dresser and a drill from the middle right drawer.
2. Press the down button and get a knife from the counter.
3. Use the chair in front of the right counter. Tap the top of the cabinets and get the tools (screwdriver and clamp)
4. Go right and tap the area under the fish tank. Use the clamp to get a wire and get the drill’s head from the left. In your inventory, use the drill with the drill head.
5. Go left and tap the sink. Use the screwdriver to remove the propeller. Combine the clamp with wires and use the hook inside the hole to get a nail.
6. Go right to the fish tank and tap it. Use the knife on the bat, then use the drill with it. Use knife with underpants and use the elastic with the bat. Add the propeller, the hook and finally the nail. Use the resulting item with the fish tank.
7. Tap the item you placed twice, until the door opens.

100 Escapers walkthrough: Level 2

1. Tap the bucket and get the code.
2. Go right twice and pick up the brush on the dresser.
3. Go right and tap the safe. Use the code which is actually upside down to open the safe (code is 996169) – pick up the magnifying glass.
4. Tap the electrical box and use the magnifying glass on it. Go left and notice that the paper with shapes has fallen down. We need to figure a code here, counting the shapes.
5. Go left twice and use the brush on the mop and get the golden ball.
6. Go right and tap the left drawer under the TV. Place the ball in the missing spot and use the code from the shapes: 7869
7. Get the key card and use it to exit the room

100 Escapers walkthrough: Level 3

1. Tap the lower left side of the coffin and get the hammer.
2. Go right and get the rope from the wall. Get the magnet from the drawer.
3. Go right twice and get the pliers. Use the rope with pliers to make hook.
4. Go left and tap the middle coffin, then use the hook to get the ball of yarn.
5. Go right and use the hammer on the coffin’s lock. Use the pliers on the skeleton’s mouth to get tooth. Combine tooth with yarn in the inventory. Combine magnet with yarn (not yarn and tooth!) in the inventory.
6. Go right twice and tap the hole on the ground. Use the tooth, then the magnet to get a lighter.
7. Go left and tap the cross on the coffin. Use the lighter to see the code. Go to the door and use the code: 946317 to open.

100 Escapers walkthrough: Level 4

1. Get some glasses from the door, above the door knob and check out the coordinates on the image above the door.
2. Go left and pick up tripod from the right side. Then tap trash box to the left of the desk and get telescope part. Tap the top of the desk and get screwdriver and protractor from the pencils area.
3. Go left twice and tap the pillow. Get telescope piece from there. Combine it with the first piece you got in your inventory.
4. Go right. Use the screwdriver with glasses and get a lens that you will use with the telescope and then, combine the result with the tripod. Finally, add the protractor to the telescope and put it on the window.
5. Tap the window and using the coordinates on the image, to see: 3 birds (165 SW). Simply tap the base of the telescope to set the coordinates by tapping on the middle and making the needle move automatically, then go back and tap the winow.
6. We also get: 6 pyramids (133 SW), 4 cows (67 SE), 8 Planes (24 SE)
7. Go right and use the screwdriver to open the door. Tap the safe and use the code: 3648 and exit!

100 Escapers walkthrough: Level 5

1. Pick up the hammer and wire. Go right and pick up the drill, go right again and pick up the piece of paper.
2. Tap the pipe under the window and get the scissors from the window.
3. Go right and get a piece of wood. Come back to the pipe.
4. In your inventory, use the scissors with the paper and the paper with the wood. Use the drill with the wood and put the resulting piece on the middle of the pipe. Tap the handle.
5. Go right and use the hammer on the brick wall. Use the wires from the inventory and exit this room!

And this is it! The walkthrough for 100 Escapers is here, although I am sure some of the fans of 100 Rooms will be disappointed to see that a couple of the levels removed from 100 Rooms are now here. But still, we get three brand new levels to complete which are really challenging and it’s always nice to complete again the previous puzzles. Hopefully the next update will bring us even more amazing puzzles!