We’re continuing the series of 100 Escapers walkthrough articles with 100 Escapers Level 6 Walkthrough and we’ll continue until we complete all the levels in this new escape the room game for Android. Make sure to check out the 100 Escapers walkthrough for the first levels if you need help with rooms 1 to 6 and check out the 100 Escapers Level 6 walkthrough below for the solution to this latest level.

1. Tap the lower door in the middle and get the lemon juicer. Tap the right door and get hammer.
2. Go right and get some lemons from the tree. Tap the base of the heater and get the juicer’s head and from above, on the middle of the heater, a gum
3. Go right and take the vase from the desk. Combine the juicer’s head with the juicer, then add the lemons.
5. Go right and tap the right side of the drawers. Pick up from there a small iron tube.
6. Go left and tap the right side of the desk for the puzzle. We have to create again the musical note, so we have, from 1 to 5, the following positions: 1 – unchanged, 2 – all the way to the top, 3 – bottom, 4 – one tap up and 5 unchanged. Now touch all the buttons with the hammer and take a wooden peg from there.
5. Now, in your inventory, use the vase with the peg, then the small iron tube, then the lemon juice, then the gum. Use the resulting item on the red button on the door and you’re free to go!

And this is it! You have completed the 100 Escapers Level 6 and you’re ready to take on the next level. I really hope that this walkthrough was useful and so will be the others! Stay tuned!