mountnbladeFrom March 23rd 2010, Mount & Blade: Warband is available for pre-order. The upcoming sequel to the popular and well loved Mount &Blade by TaleWorlds, Warband, adds multiplayer combat and battles for the first time as well as a brand new campaign to fight for the throne of Calradia.

A shiny new graphics interface is set to wow players old and new, fighting on both foot and saddled up on horseback should suit even the most bloodthirsty amongst you. A more informative interface lets you enjoy a much deeper level of game immersion.

The multiplayer battles include modes for Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Battle, and Siege and Capturing the Flag. The new campaign lets you chose whether to fight it out alone, or recruit and train your own army, become ruler of a faction and convince other lords and faction leaders to join you as vassals.

As well as being lord of your faction you can also marry a lady of the realm either for romance or cold and calculated political gain. Woo your lady with your poetry or bravery.

Available for pre-order from participating retailers, pre-order customers will gain immediate access to both the single and multiplayer beta of the game.