xemerys-screenI must admit that I love them simple city building games on Facebook, but every now and then one feels the need for some challenge, for some old school gameplay in which you have to plan, think and create a strategy in order to win – and that’s when Xemerys comes into play, a really solid city building, browser based MMO.

Your task is simple, as in any similar game: build the biggest city in the world. Achieving it, of course, is a bit more complicated.

Differentiating itself from other MMO strategy games such as Ikariam or Travian, Xemerys features unique concepts for a browser game. Quality of Life, Pollution, Propaganda, Civics, City Services, Magic Doctrine, Weather and Global Cataclysm are just some of the features that are sure to make any player’s managing skills shine.

Except for these details that will certainly tickle the senses of the hardcore gamers, Xemerys offers 20 products, 5 service types, 21 civics, 21 propaganda and an ever growing number of spells; multiple ways to solve your city’s problems – but each has upsides and downsides; and many, many more.

So if you’re feeling nostalgic about the old city sim games and you want some challenge in your life, then head over to the game’s official website and have fun!