distant-worldsA new combat video has been released promoting the upcoming wannabe hit from Matrix Games, Distant Worlds. The upcoming title is am immense 4X real-time strategy game set in space, with vast galaxies, star systems, moons, planets and asteroids.

Detailed footage of ship-to-ship combat and planet warfare are well presented in this latest video – one you can enjoy below.

The new Distant Worlds video explains some of the combat mechanics behind attacking and invading planets and shows you all about fleet resupply ships too.

Experience a game so immersive with galaxies teeming with life; follow the missions or expand and maintain your galactic empire. It can be played your way, fight to the death in crowded solar systems or expand your empire across the galaxies at your own pace.

Discover ancient civilizations, long buried secrets about the galaxies and their past troubles. Explore other planets, asteroid fields, supernovae, black holes and galactic storms; discover new empires, alien colonies, pirates and traders and it wouldn’t be complete without a space monster or several!

Play the game your way; manage your empire at your own pace with many different auto-pause triggers, warning systems and intelligent advisors all designed to help you conquer the galaxies and keep hold of what you have fought for! Check out the video and see for yourself!