Paradox Interactive is developing a 4v4 action PvP game, Magicka Wizard Wars, that is estimated to be released during 2014. This upcoming title will conjure dynamic elements with hardcore mechanisms that promise an incoming “chaotic gameplay”. Magicka Wizard Wars will allow players to select over more hundreds of spells and there’s a huge customization possibility. As Paradox Interactive stated, this title will provide an exciting environment for all types of MOBA players:

Wizard Wars is a Fun-to-Play Team-based PvP experience, filled with tongue-in-cheek references to popular media and current events. With short rounds and unpredictable strategies, Wizard Wars gives both novice players and experienced MOBA veterans a unique tactical depth in every encounter.

No one will be safe across the battlefields of Magicka,since this game will introduce a friendly fire system, where allies’s firepower will damage everything and everyone. This creative detail will imply a review of strategies and tactics. Additionally, players will be able to quickly counter enemy skills using the fast-paced action gameplay. Magicka Wizard Wars is currently on Alpha test phase and it can accessed by anyone with a alpha key.