NCSOFT announced today that the upcoming sci-fiction MMORPG WildStar will have a pay-to-play system. Upon purchasing the game, players will receive a 30 days access C.R.E.D.D.(Certificate of Research, Exploration, Destruction and Development), which allows players to freely explore the game at its fullest. To continue playing the game, players can purchase this certificate with real money or in-game currency. This system will be suitable for every type of player and it will also benefit those who prefer to enjoy the game without having to pay monthly subscriptions, as Carbine Studios‘ executive producer, Jeremy Gaffney, stated:

Gamers have strong opinions when it comes to business models and monetisation in MMO games. In combining a classic subscription model with C.R.E.D.D. we think we’ve struck a good balance. We definitely want to support players who appreciate the value of high-quality subscription-style game. Meanwhile, C.R.E.D.D. gives gamers who don’t like monthly subs the option to just play to pay and enjoy the same content.

WildStar is estimated to reach the markets on the next spring. Nonetheless, this MMO will be playable at this year’s gamescom in Germany and at PAX Prime in Seattle, USA.