Zynga’s latest game launched on Facebook (and hopefully iOS soon) is Fairy Tale Twist, a match three game that challenges us to restore the magic to the fairy tales. And it’s an extremely fun process! However, we’re not here to praise Zynga for their game, but to check out some Fairy Tale Twist cheats: tips and tricks for the game in order to help you save as many pixies as possible (and other creatures!) and make sure that you get high scores that will beat those of your friends.

So in case you’re looking for help, these Fairy Tale Twist cheats will certainly help you so let’s start checking them out!

1. Play the game with creating combos in mind, as well as matches of more than three pieces! Here is what to aim for:

– 4 pieces give you a special boost that clears all the jewels horizontally and vertically once in a match
– 5 pieces give you a special boost that removes all the jewels of the color of your choice from the board
– T shaped match – creates pixie dust aka a huge explosion that clears a huge area

2. If you have the option, aim to keep some boosts around and switch them when they are next to each other for a huge bonus!

3. Have in mind that all unused boosts will be activated once you complete the level (but not if you fail it!). So there is no real need to rush to use all the boosts if you are sure you can complete the level without using them. In the end, this will give you more points.

4. Always start working from the bottom up: creating matches at the bottom opens up the possibility for those random matches on top and huge combos. Always start your matches at the bottom!

5. When you have to free creatures on the board (like birds), you can match them too, so there’s not a limit of one creature per match – you can create matches of 3 creatures and free 3 of them. Have this in mind as it is vital in some levels!

6. When you’re in a boss battle (versus mode), don’t even look at what the opponent is doing. Make sure you do your best to create those matches and combos and there’s no need to panic. There are usually enough moves available to allow you change things in your favor if you get behind.

7. Focus on the edges
When you need to free the ladybugs or similar, focus on the edges and the corners first. These are the hardest blocks to clear, so make sure you clear them ASAP otherwise you might fail the level.

8. Study the board and plan ahead
This might seem like a mindless fun game where luck plays a major part, and this could be true sometimes, but if you do spend some time analyzing the board and planning your moves, you have a better chance of getting further in the game. There’s no time limit anyway, so make sure you make every move count!

9. Add friends!
You need lives to keep playing and friends can help you with that, therefore you should add at least 5 active friends – it also makes the game more fun and challenges you to do better because you will compete to beat their high scores too!

10. Buy emeralds for power-ups
If everything else fails, spend some money on emeralds and buy power-ups to use to complete a level. Have in mind that not even power-ups guarantee that you will complete a level, so make sure that when you use them, you make it count!

And these would be our tips and tricks for Fairy Tale Twist. What other strategies do you have when playing the game? Share them with us below!