Man playing online games.

If you’re one of the individuals who broadcast yourself live online, then congratulations. You’re a streamer. This is a person who generally wants to:

  • Make a connection with their audience
  • Increase their popularity through their chosen social media platform
  • Monetize in some way

It’s true that some people become streamers for reasons other than money. For instance, maybe you have deeply held opinions about religion, and you’re trying to reach the masses. Perhaps you’re letting the world know about a conspiracy that you’re certain is true.

Assuming that you’re not this kind of zealot, though, you’ve probably become a streamer because you want to monetize. Maybe you’re selling a product or service, or you’re attempting to make people more aware of your brand.

If that’s the case, then the Instagram platform is one that you should certainly consider. Millions of individuals use it every day. If you can convince some of them to engage with the content you’re creating, you will probably reach your marketing goals.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to develop your Instagram and see an increase in your popularity.

How Do You Judge Popularity on IG?

You might not be sure how to gauge whether you’re growing more well-known and popular on the Instagram platform. You want to keep your eye on your:

  • Follower count
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares

Generally, the more you have of each of these, the better shape you’re in when it comes to Instagram, and most other social media platforms, for that matter. In order to see a rise in all of these numbers, there are certain strategies that are likely to work. We’ll go over some right now. 

Purchasing IG Followers

One thing you can do to increase the key metrics that we mentioned is to buy a few followers. This strategy has definitely been shown to work for:

  • Influencers
  • Companies with social media accounts
  • Sports stars, actors, musicians, etc.  

When you see that someone famous has millions upon millions of IG followers, you can be confident that not all of them started following this person organically. Instead, they likely got started by buying some popularity. It’s a common practice, and it’s allowed by the platform.

If you buy 50 Instagram likes to build your audience further on IG, buying followers will probably be your next logical step. By doing this, you’ll send a message to anyone interested in your niche or industry that you’re someone noteworthy that they should know about. Artificially increasing your positive metrics should earn you some organic engagement as well.

Make Sure Your IG Profile Looks the Part

You’ll also want to create your IG profile meticulously. You can’t just do a slapdash job with it if you hope to attract the interest you want. 

Look at the following factors when judging whether you’ve achieved an acceptable standard with your account:

  • Your bio link and where it directs people to go
  • Your PFP
  • Your branded hashtag, slogan, or tagline 

All of these speak directly to your branding effort. Presumably, your bio link should direct people to your website or your company’s site. If you don’t have a website set, make sure you create one and that it’s up and running before you ever get started on IG.

As for your picture, it should be an excellent-quality face shot or perhaps a logo if you represent a company or business entity. The Instagram algorithm will likely change in 2023, just as it does every year. One thing that never changes, though, is how much stock the platform puts in fundamental elements like a great profile pic. 

Your hashtag, slogan, or tagline is something you should focus on as well. If you represent a company, you might already have a slogan or tagline that you use in commercials or at the end of radio spots. If you don’t have one yet, it makes sense to create one. You want something catchy and memorable.

Your Content Calendar Should Never Fail

Content Calendar

You should also regard your content calendar as vital if you’re hoping to keep your fans loyal. You should:

  • Post at the same time every day or week
  • Never let more than a week go by without new content
  • Make sure that your content has your unique voice

Posting new content at the same time lets your followers know when to expect news of your products, services, or what you’re up to. You’re trying to forge a meaningful relationship with those who are loyal to you, so you don’t want to leave your channel inactive for days or weeks on end.

Ideally, you should be posting several times per week. If you’re unable to come up with ideas for content, hire a content manager or an entire team. You can have them on staff permanently or hire freelancers.

Make sure before you post anything via the platform, though, that what you’re coming up with has a voice that matches your brand. Don’t post anything inappropriate, controversial, or incendiary if you don’t want to alienate segments of your audience.

Know About All the Kinds of Tools and Utilize Them

One more tip is to learn about the various kinds of content for IG that exist. You will want to use all of them if you’re going to stay ahead of your competitors. There will always be competition, regardless of your industry or niche. You must know about:

  • Reels
  • Stories
  • Carousels  

It might take a little time to become a master of all of these forms of content creation, but you must do it. If you’re not feeling up to learning about all of them, that’s when a content creation team can help you. 

There are individuals who have made entire careers centered around crafting content for companies or influencers who need to present themselves in a certain way on social media. You can look for these content creators and hire them on platforms like:

  • Upwork 
  • Fiverr
  • LinkedIn
  • Monster
  • Indeed

To find them, search using keywords like “social media content creator.” That should get you pointed in the proper direction.

As a streamer, you can easily create content and post it via Instagram. If you’d like to make money and raise brand awareness, though, you’re going to need to follow the instructions we’ve mentioned here. 

Success via this platform is not impossible to decode. By taking the time to study it, you’ll soon familiarize yourself with the types of posts that get noticed for all the correct reasons. At that point, you can start to duplicate them.