If you’re a PC gamer, you know having a mouse for your setup is as crucial as having lungs to breathe with. Mice are a necessity for any system, PC, or laptop, but their need is magnified tenfold when it comes to competitive play. For that very reason, companies like Logitech and Razer bring out their A-game to supply the gaming industry with bleeding edge tech consisting of RGB, clickety, and fast feedback mice.

Having a low-latency mouse is important because the quicker your game registers your input, the faster your on-screen character will move. Apart from latency, a generally good internet connection is of primary importance too. For this reason, we recommend Quantum Fiber for its reliable and snappy internet.

Let’s check out the best mice on the market currently to optimize your gaming experience!

Logitech G502 X Plus

Looking for the best, simple, and functionally apt gaming mouse that has maintained its position in the market for years? This is it! The G502 X Plus brings with it a plethora of features that fling it through its competition.

The base model, G502 was already making waves across the gaming community for its ergonomic design, solid performance, and amazing functionality so Logitech decided to go up a notch and froth forth a slender, improved version of the same thing. And it works! The Plus version has a gorgeous design going on along with enhanced RGB lighting across its entire body. It has 13 programmable buttons and is lightweight given it only comes slightly above 100 grams.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste Wireless

Mice with controversial designs aren’t something unheard of. However, if you have a look at our next entry you might be wondering what this skeletal device could possibly pull off. The Pulsefire Haste is a featherweight mouse with a collective weight of just 59 grams and oh, if you’re wondering if it’ll get dust or water inside of it then worry not, because this bad boy has an IP55 rating for good old H2O and dust.

On top of that, the Pulsefire sports hollow cutouts to allow for extra ventilation. It even comes with grip tapes for extra performance and to keep your fingers from getting too much sweat on them. The honeycomb pattern lights up with RGB lighting when the mouse is in use making the device look aesthetically appealing and quite futuristic.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

The best of the budget options is the Corsair Harpoon. This little guy doesn’t offer all that flair but it doesn’t back down in terms of performance. Designed for claw grip, no-nonsense users, the Harpoon is a worthy buy for streamlining accessibility and for gamers who are just starting out on their noble streamer journey.

The design is subtle with a jet-black shell and an RGB Corsair logo towards the bottom of the mouse. Rubber grips on the side provide a generous amount of comfort. Corsair’s Slipstream Technology takes all the cake by providing extremely low latency and with the mouse having the latest Wi-Fi 6 tech embedded into it, connectivity is never an issue.

Razer Viper V2 Pro

Apologies for keeping you waiting. Here’s our Razer entry for this bunch. Coming in hot as an Esports-worthy addition, the Razer Viper V2 Pro is a jack-of-all-trades. The Viper series are renowned for their incomparable performance and consist to stay at the top each year with constant quality-of-life changes. As always, the Viper keeps its stealth in check with an entirely black model or frost-white. The design is aggressive, made to look like that of a viper ready to pounce.

RGB lighting provides a nice, subtle touch from the crevices in between the left and right-click buttons. Furthermore, the ambidextrous design allows both left and right-handed gamers to make full use of its capability. Movement accuracy for this gadget is second to none with its 30K DPI sensor that keeps up with even the most finicky hands. The weight of this is a mere 58 grams and Razer’s Hyperspeed wireless technology makes sure that when you get your hands on this Viper, there’s no going back.

Logitech G Pro Wireless

You could say we’ve been saving the best for last. Presenting you the face of Logitech (mice) and the current King of the Hill in many aspects, the Logitech G Pro! Geared more towards the competitive market, the G Pro is a fantastic option for Esports as well.

The design is ambidextrous, with programmable buttons on either side that caters to left and right hands. This does add a smidge more weight but it’s still a welcome addition for many. And of course, RGB lighting is customizable and lights up a shell that’s otherwise mostly black.


That’s a wrap on our picks for the best mice in 2023. Many of these often go up on sale during the holiday season. Snag a sweet deal on these or buy them at full price, we guarantee none of these will disappoint. See you on the competitive side!