Chrono Tales is a browser based MMORPG from Ray Media Group. The game is quite advanced for a simple browser game, no wonder the company defines its own title as a “new generation 3D MMORPG”. The game offers generic features found in most MMORPG’s: pets, mounts, classes, professions, quests and player-versus-players battles. What’s quite unique in Chrono Tales is the Astrology system, which allows players to customize characters with different attributes and buff combinations. This game has an auto-path, auto-questing and auto-fighting system that work as a leveling bot, more or less, all you need to do is click and click, the rest is done automatically if you prefer. As you can predict, if you’re a novice, leveling won’t be an issue here even if you’re busy with other tasks. If you follow the advises below you can reach level 20 in around eight hours and without much effort.

Questing All Day Long

The trick to level in Chrono Tales is questing, grinding gives really low experience points and it’s a waste of time since you need to do it manually, most likely. Questing doesn’t only give better experience and rewards, it also progresses automatically. Once you’ve accepted a quest, you can click on the respective task and your character will trace the task and don’t worry, it will be done once it reaches the location. There are several types of quests, killing monsters, collecting objects, freeing NPC’s but it all work the same way. When the task is done simply click to return and complete the quest. The trick here is to click as soon as possible, the sooner you finish a quest the faster you can progress to the next one.

Every time you level up don’t forget to distribute your four points, this is important because it boosts your character attack and defense, which greatly improves your performance in battle. Equipping better gear as your character auto loots during the quest process is important too for the same reasons. Another tip for every level is to search the area and mostly the starter town for quests, the more missions you accept, the quicker you can do them and all at once. This way you won’t need to waste time going to town several times for the same purpose.

Make sure you always have potions in your inventory, your character auto consumes them during auto-questing and auto-fighting, so if you don’t wish to manually manage your battles, bring a lot of potions so your character can live a long healthy life.

Pets and Feeding

In Chrono Tales pets are also mounts, you can ride them for more mobility but you can use them as battle companions or even as attribute boosters, the choice is yours. As you request their assistance they’ll get hungry, having pet food in your inventory is a must; if your pet starves you’ll be all by yourself. To increase your pet’s experience you should save special foods such as the fruit pies.

You can fight while being mounted, however if you’re mounting your pet you’ll need another to fight for you, if you don’t wish to use two pets, simply click the option fight in your pet’s panel. Pets can be used as tanks or damage dealers, depending on your class you should decide which pet you need the most.

Market and Selling Needless Items

During your auto questing and fighting you’ll auto loot many useless objects, don’t throw them away, keep them all and when you deliver your quest pass by a merchant and sell the garbage, you’ll probably need the money for tons of potions and pet food.

If you collect high quality gear for others classes, you can sell it on the market’s panel by clicking on entrust item. If you’re not sure about the worth of a certain item, write its name on the search function and see what’s its current price, if there’s no duplicated item then it’s either very rare or quite useless. Anyway, at this level it won’t be worth much so don’t worry if you miss its real value.

Meditation and Auto-Fighting

When Chrono Tales detects inactivity, your character starts meditating, which means you’ll automatically gather small amounts of experience. This feature has a maximum of eight hours per day.

The auto-fighting feature works mostly for free grinding, when you wish to freely slay monsters you can do it automatically too but just for a few minutes, unless you upgrade this function using diamonds.

General Tips:

  • Questing is the best technique to level up.
  • Receive all the quests once you achieve a new level.
  • Upgrade your attributes and gear frequently.
  • Use your pet to assist you in battle.
  • Regularly buy potions and pet food for a higher sustain.
  • Keep and sell herbage items for a better income.
  • Leave the game open while doing other tasks in your PC.


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