CoasterVille Tips, Tricks and Strategy

CoasterVille Tips, Tricks and Strategy

Zynga’s latest social game, CoasterVille has been released on Facebook today and I have already shared a CoasterVille guide with you, helping you get the basics of the game. But now it’s time to get a little more advanced and to see some CoasterVille tips and tricks for a better strategy in the game. And maybe you can help with your own tips so that we can create a complete strategy guide that will be extremely useful for all the players to come.

But let’s start with the things that I noticed so far in the game and which sound pretty cool as a starting point for these CoasterVille tips:

1. When it comes to gathering goods, it’s best to go for the 5 minutes order as it gives you the most goods, fastest. However, it’s more expensive than the others, so if you’re not looking good at your coins balance, better go for the longer orders.

2. Boosting your attractions is the best way to get Thrill Points, which are used to get more attractions. But every attraction gives you a different amount of Thrill Points, so make sure to only boost those that give you the most (like the Ferris Wheel or the Rollercoaster): this way, you get more thrill for the 1 energy you’re spending anyway.

3. But don’t boost the same attraction too often, as you might end up breaking it and getting nothing in return but a lot of angry customers.

4. And since we’re at the customers – it doesn’t seem that their happiness affects the game too much. This means that you could spend your energy on building and boosting rather than collecting from Hot Dog stands and toilets to keep the customers happy…

5. Upgrade your attractions! Apart from being an easy way to increase your Thrill Point gathering per energy consumed, upgraded attractions offer you extra goodies at no extra space cost!

6. Add neighbors – Zynga has the community program that allows you to add friends to the game without friending them on Facebook,and that is something that you should consider as active CoasterVille players will help you keep your attractions running and get inspiration and free gifts.

7. Focus on building the structures as the quests require you to. Don’t try rushing things as you might end up doing something that you’ll be required to do once more… and you’re not the one to let energy to waste, right?

8. Focus on completing each theme at a time. This means that you should complete the Fantasy Kingdom first and only then move to the Jungle and Frontier. This way, you will be more organized and will get that special item faster than you would if you would be working on all the themes at the same time.

9. Your opinion?

These are the CoasterVille tips that I have to share with you today, but hopefully you have even more to share with us – and if you do, don’t hesitate to post in the comment section below.