Zynga’s recently launched CoasterVille will sure turn into a huge success for the social game developers, as they have managed to release a truly unique (in the social world, at least) game concept with many options to make us love it. But first, we have to know how to play CoasterVille and a guide would be the perfect thing for us to get started. Therefore, I have decided to create this CoasterVille guide to help you get better at the game, understand how everything works (and where everything is) and get the most out of the game!

This CoasterVille guide covers more basic notions so it’s best to be read by beginners and not so advanced players, but in the end it can prove useful just for anybody looking to learn a lot more about this game.

First of, we’ll have to start understanding the user interface of the game, and below you can see how the play screen generally looks like:

1. The mission indicators. Here you have your quests that help you get through the game
2. Your money, both the premium currency (for premium items or boosts) and the regular coins.
3. Your popularity. Increase this with attractions.
4. The energy meter. You get one free energy every 5 minutes until the meter is full.
5. Your current level and experience. You get experience performing all sort of actions in the game.
6. The thrill points, used to build new attractions and upgrade them. You get these points by boosting your attractions.

The Build menu, once clicked, brings up all the building options that you have for your park. Everything is nicely sorted out here by category and hovering your mouse over an item, as you can see below, will show you more info about that particular item:

The quests in CoasterVille should be your main goal – not only that they get you through the story of the game, but they also help you understand the game better and have you learn how CoasterVille works. Apart from the regular quests, in this game we also have the themed quests, which are series of missions that will eventually reward you with a huge and super duper attraction for your amusement park. Below we can see the first theme that we unlock in the game, the Fantasy Kingdom:

Now, having an amusement park is not at all that simple and you need a few things to keep everything running smoothly and the profits coming (because that’s what it all is about, after all). One of the important things that you will need to build new attractions – and arguably the hardest to get, at least when you start the game, are the goods:

You can get more goods from the Goods Emporium which is situated at the lower part of your park. As you can see in the image above, you need to “order” these goods and it takes a while until they are delivered. Ideally, you should go for the 5 minute orders since they give you more goods in time, but they are also more expensive and require you to always be online. So it’s best, when you know you will not log back in for a long time, to order the goods that take more to be delivered.

Also, in terms of buildings that are there in your city, your attractions are the most interesting because they generate thrill (required to build more attractions) and can also give you special items if you Boost them (use energy and thrill to super charge them):

These special items are used in missions, are required for some buildings and can even be sold for an extra buck, so it’s worth learning which attraction gives you what and start boosting those particular attractions more.

In the end, it’s worth mentioning that CoasterVille is a social game – so you should invite as many friends as possible for extra bonuses (inspiration points when you visit them and all sorts of goodies) which also makes the game more fun to play. Also, it’s a game you should be ready to invest some time in and don’t be scared if after six months from now you’ll still be playing this amazing game – it’s only natural!

And stay tuned with Unigamesity for even more CoasterVille guides and more detailed tips and tricks to help you play better!