It’s time to improve your fantasy kingdom in CoasterVille and you’re going to do so by completing the A Tournament of Champions missions (6 quests total) that will help you choose a Royal Hallberd Guard in your park. Sounds like a lot of fun, so let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the guide to the CoasterVille A Tournament of Champions missions!

Here are the requirements, mission by mission:

A Call to Arms
– Visit 6 neighbors to see if they can recommend anybody for the job
– Collect 8 Inspiration as you look for employees with an honorable spark
– Spend 2500 coins to advertise the open position

Growing Excitement
– Get 4 Balloon Swords to give to the kiddies
– Boost 10 Fantasy attractions to stir up some excitement
– Craft 2 Herald Trumpets to play a royal fanfare to start the tournament

The Three Challenges: Power
– Get 4 Training Dummies for the contestants to attack
– Craft 2 Hallberds for the contestants to use in the tournament
– Boost the Knight’s Show to gather a crowd

The Three Challenges: Wisdom
– Get 4 Balloon Swords for the contestants to study
– Have the contestants study the pixies at the Enchanted Forest by boosting it 6 times
– Have the contestants brew 1 Love Potion to demonstrate their intellect

The Three Challenges: Courage
– Get 4 Training Dummies for the contestants to defeat in combat
– Send the contestants into the darkest mountain depths by boosting the Dwarven Mine 6 times
– Have the contestants face noxious horrors by collecting from restrooms 2 times

The Induction Ceremony
– Get 4 Balloon Swords tohand out to the kiddies in celebration
– Craft 1 shiny new Halberd for the new Halberd Guard to wield
– Cook 3 Feasts to feed the contestants and guests

And this is it! These are the requirements for completing the A Tournament of Champions missions in CoasterVille and I hope you’ll have a great time completing these new missions and taking your Fantasy Kingdom to a whole new level!


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