It has been a while since a brand new feature has been released to CoasterVille, but today things have changed as Zynga decided to launch Tour Buses for our amusement parks and a new attraction for them to unlock (the Animal Show).

The idea behind the Tour Buses is that you can now invite your friends as VIP guests to tour your amusement park in CoasterVille and in return you will be able to unlock the new attraction. Pretty simple and fun, and that’s not all! The CoasterVille Tour Buses are introduced by a set of two brand new missions and you can check out the details below:

The Adventure Begins
– Place the Tour Office Base
– Collect from 3 Businesses
– Get 4 Sales Clerk Uniforms
Rewards: 500 coins, 3 Park Brochures and 250 Thrill Points

An International Incident
– Finish Building the Tour Office
– Schedule a Tour
– Receive the Tour
Rewards: ?

Right now we’re still waiting to find out the rest of the missions, so stay tuned with us!