Insurance company Progressive is building an online presence and probably trying to tell us that every real city should have a Progressive building in it, since they launched a mission series in SimCity Social challenging us to complete that building. It’s a welcome addition, actually, since SimCity Social was pretty quiet of late, so we should be thankful for this cross promotion.

I am here to tell you everything about the requirements and rewards offered by the Progressive… At Your Service missions in SimCity Social, so let’s check them out below!

Fender Bender
– Build the Progressive Service Center
– Drop Off Chase’s Car
Rewards: 1,000 Materials and 3 XP

Let’s Do Lunch
– Collect from the Progressive Service Center
– Have a Long Lunch
– Collect from a Bowling Alley
Rewards: 2,000 Materials and 5 XP

Chase in the Zone
– Have a 1-Star Progressive Service Center
– Visit Don
– Ace Your Meeting
Rewards: 2,500 Materials and 5 XP

Making Progress
– Have a 2-Star Progressive Service Center
– Take 5 Corporate Tours
Rewards: 3,000 Materials and 8 XP

Drivin’ And Stylin’
– Have a 3-Star Progressive Service Center
– Pick Up Chase’s Car
– Tell 3 Mayors About Progressive
Rewards: 3 Efficiency collectibles, 10 XP and Customer Parking

And this is it! The Progressive missions in SimCity Social should keep us busy a while, and I am sure you will love it!