After the first three missions in the Rock Royalty series in SimCity Social, it’s time to check out a brand new set of missions in the same epic series with Part 2 of the recently launched series, this time challenging us with 4 new missions to complete in time for the top reward of a Rock Festival.

So let’s check out below the requirements and rewards for the SimCity Social Rock Royalty Part 2 in our guide!

Cue the Music
– Build the Hit Factory
– Ignore Horrid Hits
– Perform 5 Rival Actions
Rewards: Wrath

Live and Licking
– Have a 3-Star Rock Club
– Collect 2,000 Simoleons from the Rock Club
– Have 3 Heavy Metal
Rewards: 10,000 Materials

Find Your Groove
– Earn 3 Expression
– Find 5 Inspiration
– Collect from the Hit Factory
Rewards: 2 Creativity collectibles

Long Player
– Stock “Pull Your Rocks Up”
– Collect from the Record Store
Rewards: 25,000 Simoleons

And this is the second part of the Rock Royalty set of missions that we have to complete in SimCity Social in the next 2 weeks. I hope you like the new missions, because you definitely have to work hard to get them done!



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