The Trick or Treat saga is continuing in SimCity Social with the Night of the Lonely Dead quests, the second series in the Halloween event, following the Night Mayor. I am here to share with you the details, requirements and rewards, for completing these new goals.

So let’s check out below the SimCity Social Night of the Lonely Dead quests guide!

Night of the Loving Dead
– Stop a Crime 3 times
– Collect a Police Badge
– Pick Up a Zombie Cop
Rewards: 1,500 Simoleons and 4 XP

The Way of All Flesh
– Collect from 3 Office Buildings
– Use TPS Reports
– Pick Up a Zombie Banker
Rewards: 4 XP and 5 Business Savvy

The Choir Invisible
– Gather a Zombie Horde 10 Times
– Have 3 Jack-o-Lanterns
– Have Monster Masks
Rewards: 4 XP and 5 Community Collectibles

Davy Jones’ Foot Locker
– Ask friends for 3 Brains
– Raid Supermarkets 5 Times
– Raid Department Stores 5 Times
Rewards: 4 XP, 3 Rage and Zombie Mall

And this is it, the second act in the Trick or Treat saga of Halloween quests in SimCity Social this year. Have fun completing the Night of the Lonely Dead quests and make sure to check back soon for more details about the rest of the quests in the series!