The Tomb Raiders Quests are the third part in the long Trick or Treat Trail saga in SimCity Social and I really doubt we’ll be able to complete all these missions in one week, but we have to try. To make things easier, I am here to share with you all the details about this new mission series, so let’s check out the SimCity Social Tomb Raiders quests guide below!

Tomb Raiders
– Search for 3 Clues
– Play at the Playground
– Collect from Toy Factories 5 Times
Rewards: 5,000 Simoleons and 5 XP

D.O.A. Detective
– Collect from 5 Restaurants
– Visit Friends Theme Parks 3 Times
– Have 10 Bags of Candy
Rewards: 5 XP and 5 building collectibles

The Big BOO!
– Build a Pumpkin Patch
– Have 3 Laughing Skulls
– Lie in Wait
Rewards: 7,500 Simoleons and 5 XP

Old Haunts
– Go Rowing
– Feed Horses
– Stargaze
Rewards: 5 XP, 2 Wrath collectibles and Funeral Home

And this is it, the third act in the Trick or Treat Halloween event in SimCity Social! If you want to check out the details for the previous set of missions, click here and have fun!