In ChefVille, you can now get a Garlic Stand upgrade and make sure that vampires will never bother you again. Oh, this was actually just me talking in the Halloween spirit, there are no vampires to worry about in ChefVille and the Garlic Stand has nothing to do with them. But the A Garlic You missions in ChefVille are real and I am here to share with you some details about them, so let’s check them out below!

Get Ready for Garlic
– Upgrade your Garlic Stall to Level 2
– Collect 2 Times from the Upgraded Garlic Stall
– Tend 3 Neighbors’ Garlic Stalls

For example, for Level 2, you will need 3 each of Grocery Bags, Vegetable Stands, Rustic Wooden Boxes and Nifty Napkins. Fortunately, these items can be easily spotted over at your friends’ and you can work on the Garlic Stand upgrade, as well as the A Garlic You missions!


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