Somewhere over the rainbow… OK, thanks ChefVille, now I really can’t get this song out of my head! But it’s not a big problem, after all, because the new missions will get the tunes out of my head. Therefore, we’re here to check out the ChefVille Over the Rainbow missions and their requirements and rewards. You are about to be very happy, because it’s the first “real” mission series we’ve got in a while in ChefVille!

So let’s check out the ChefVille Over the Rainbow missions guide below!

Build the Rainbow

Place the Lucky Rainbow
Have a Complete Luck o’ the Irish Stove
Finish Stage 1 of the Lucky Rainbow

Tie a Green Ribbon

Tend Neighbors’ Mom N Pop Shops 5 times
Serve Irish Steak and Chips 4 Times
Finish Stage 2 of the Lucky Rainbow

Clean Green Napkins

Get 7 St. Patty’s Napkins
Serve Potato Bread 6 Times
Finish Stage 3 of the Lucky Rainbow

Rainbow Friends

Have an Upgraded Luck of the Irish Stove
Serve Potato Cabbage Soup 8 Times
Finish Stage 4 of the Lucky Rainbow

The Color Connection

Get 8 Pots of Gold from Friends
Serve Corned Beef and Cabbage 10 Times
Finish the Lucky Rainbow

And this is it! Complete all these requirements and you will complete the Over the Rainbow mission series in ChefVille! Have fun!