Zynga decided to make it easier for us all to get the Roasted Artichokes in ChefVille and save us some trouble with the release of the Artichoke Roaster. Together with it came a three missions series – The Artichoke Roaster series – that we are going to talk about in this article and which hopefully will keep you entertained and encourage you to get as many Roasted Artichokes as possible.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the requirements for the ChefVille The Artichoke Roaster missions!

Hearts On Fire
– Place and Build the Artichoke Roaster
– Craft 2 Roasted Artichokes
– Tend 5 Neighbors’ Bread Racks
Rewards: 4 Dough, 10 XP and 20 coins

Beauty and the Feast
– Cook 5 Times with Roasted Artichoke Hearts
– Have 4 Red Tablecloths
– Harvest 6 Wild Onions
Rewards: 10 XP

Dough of Hearts
– Craft 3 Dough on the Mixer
– Have 7 Pizza Passion
– Earn 2 Love Letters on Roasted Hearts of Artichoke Pizza

And these are the Artichoke Roaster missions in ChefVille, I hope you have a great time completing it.