Valentine’s Day might have passed, but ChefVille still challenges us to unlock recipes for the lovers, and we’ll do so by completing the Last Ditch Convection missions where Colby and his Convection Oven will be the stars of the evening. I am here to share with you all the details about these new missions, so check them out in out Last Ditch Convection missions guide!

Smarter Recipes
– Upgrade the Convection Oven to Intermediate
– Cook 2 Calzones
– Have 1 Cyber Love Connection for Video Game Hen
Rewards: Beet, Sugar and 10 XP

Pi Chart
– Have 1 Cyber Love Connection for Beet Pi
– Craft 3 Onion Gravy
– Cook 5 Greek Alphabet Soup
Rewards: 3 Onion Gravy, 10 XP and 15 coins

Smart Either Way
– Ask friends for 7 Amour Balloons
– Cook 2 Beet Pi
– Have 2 Cyber Love Connections for Casserole’s Theorem
Rewards: 3 Rice, Pepper and 15 coins

And this is it! You are probably bleeding love and cuteness already and you are extremely happy that you completed the ChefVille Last Ditch Convection missions in the game! That was fun!