Universal Film Mogul is one hot hidden object game on Facebook and I am sure you are doing your best to find all the hidden items in its scenes, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds. I am here to make things a lot easier for you with a guide to the Back to the Future scene, a walkthrough for this scene showing you exactly where are all the items that you will have to find, so that you will know exactly where to go the next time you are playing the game and grab yourself a nice highscore.

First, I have numbered the items that I have managed to find in the Universal Film Mogul Back to the Future Scene and below you can see their actual names in the game. We might have missed a few, but most of the items you’ll be challenged to find are down here, so check them out:

1. Flamingo
2. Scarecrow
3. 3D Glasses
4. George’s Note
5. High tech clipboard
6. Self-tying shoe
7. Chocolate milk
8. ???
9. Futuristic sunglasses
10. Futuristic plate number
11. Purple underwear
12. Gator clip
13. Plutonium
14. Screwdriver
15. Mayoral Election Poster
16. Newspaper
17. Lab Coat
18. Dog
19. Puffy Vest
20. ???
21. Tree Stump
22. Camera
23. Family Photo
24. Sports Illustrated
25. Hair blower
26. Rubber Gloves
27. Brain Scanner
28. Alarm Clock
29. ???
30. Clock Tower Clock
31. Open window
32. Ladder
33. Lab generator
34. ???
35. Pine tree
36. Time travel Panel
37. Broken Tree Branch
38. Skateboard
39. Manhole Cover
40. Water hydrant
41. Scooter
42. Shopping Cart
43. ???
44. ???
45. Lamp
46. Broom
47. Chef’s Cap
48. Mister fusion
49. Star
50. Electric Guitar
51. Cassette Player
52. Doc’s Revolver
53. Giant Speaker
54. Gargoyle
55. Microphone (studio)
55. Flux Capacitator
56. Buletproof Vest

And these are all the items for the Back to the Future scene in Universal Film Mogul. I really hope that you find this list useful and that starting now it will be a lot easier for you to find all those items!