It’s not that FarmVille is sinking like the Atlantis (it isn’t actually), it’s just that Zynga feels the need to add some extra goodies to the game and that comes in the form of FarmVille Atlantis missions, and today we’re talking about the requirements and rewards for the first set, the FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 1 missions. Let’s check them out below!

Bubbly Beginnings
– Get 6 Bubble Gems
– Harvest 30 Shellfish
– Harvest Atlantis Palace 2 Times
Rewards: Bubble Seahorse

She Sold Seashells
– Get 8 Seashell Baskets
– Harvest 40 Plankton
– Harvest Bubble Seahorse 1 Time
Rewards: Silver Shell Tree

Sea Floor Secrets
– Get 8 Mermaid Tiara
– Harvest 50 Urchinberry
– Make Shellfish Surprise Recipe 2 Times
Rewards: Grotto Square

Calling Old Comrades
– Get 8 Seashell Ocarina
– Harvest 60 Seawatermelon
– Harvest Bubble Seahorse 2 Times
Rewards: Seacow

Troves of Treasure
– Get 9 Seashell Box
– Harvest 70 Ambrosia
– Make Sea Melon Sorbet Recipe 2 Times
Rewards: Fluorescent Willow Tree

Riding Rapids
– Get 10 Shell Wreath
– Harvest 85 Jellyfruit
– Salt Water Taffy Recipe 1 Times
Rewards: Seahorse Stallion

There you have it! These are the requirements for completing the FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 1 missions, I hope that you have a great time completing them!