Don’t get too sleepy right now, because it’s time to start Counting Sheep in FarmVille 2, the latest missions released in Zynga’s farming sim also introducing the Sheep Shack to the public and letting us know that sheep are fun. Here, I said it!

We’ll start our guide to this new batch of content by checking out the Counting Sheep mission requirements in FarmVille 2:

Weary Walter
– Plant 10 Savoy Cabbage
– Tend your Well 2 times
– Tend 3 Adult Sheep

Synchronized Sheep
– Collect 5 Shepherd’s Hooks
– Harvest 15 Wheat
– Raise 1 Baby Sheep

Bleary-Eyed Barbara
– Craft 3 Felt Rolls
– Craft 1 Pickled Savoy Cabbage
– Fertilize 15 Crops

Barbara’s Best Brew
– Collect 5 Chamomile Teabags
– Harvest 15 Onions
– Harvest 5 Orange Trees

Sleepless Marie
– Harvest 20 Savoy Cabbage
– Craft 4Magenta Dye
– Craft 5 Orange Icings

Sheepish Marie
– Tend the Sheep Shack
– Feed 5 Adult Sheep
– Craft 3 Felt Rolls

Spinning Gold
– Collect 5 Sheep Masks for the Sleepless
– Craft 4 Wool Padding
– Craft 2 Pink Pig Toys

Gold Mine!
– Tend Your Sheep Shack 2 times
– Craft 5 Pickled Savoy Cabbages
– Craft 1 Zig Rug

And since you can’t go Counting Sheep unless you have a Sheep Shack in FarmVille 2, let’s see how to build that in the game! We’ll first start by collecting 10 each of Sheep Railings, Crooks and Sod and then we’ll need 4 friends to help us complete the building process. Piece of cake!

And this is it! You know now how to build the Sheep Shack in FarmVille 2 and the requirements to complete the Counting Sheep missions!