The Consumables in FarmVille 2 are special items that can be purchased for Farm Bucks from the General Store (or received as free gifts or rewards) and which give you all sorts of nice bonuses. Since this feature is brand new and there are quite a few consumables available in FarmVille 2, I have decided to write and share with you this guide to FarmVille 2 consumables, so you know exactly what to expect from them before you make the purchase.


This is a very useful consumable, because you need water for your crops. Water regenerate on its own over time and can be received as a free gift from your neighbors. You can also purchase water for Farm Bucks at the following prices:

• Water 5 Pack – 5 Farm Bucks
• Water 10 Pack – 8 Farm Bucks
• Water 30 Pack – 21 Farm


Using a Fertilizer is the only way to have a chance for a Prized Crop (since regular crops don’t drop them) and also fertilized crops drop more coins and ingredients. This consumable is also available as a free gift from your neighbors, but can also be purchased from the store at the following prices:

• Fertilizer 2 Pack – 2 Farm Bucks
• Fertilizer 10 Pack – 8 Farm Bucks
• Fertilizer 25 Pack – 15 Farm Bucks


You need to feed your animals to have them produce resources for you and you can get Feed from your neighbors or, of course, for some extra Farm Bucks:

• Feed 5 Pack – 1 Farm Bucks
• Feed 15 Pack – 2 Farm Bucks
• Feed 25 Pack – 3 Farm Bucks

Milk Bottles

This consumable is required for feeding the baby animals, who need to be fed a few times before growing up. You can ask directly for Milk Bottles from your neighbors or you can purchase them from the store at the following prices:

• Milk Bottle – 3 Farm Bucks
• Milk Bottle 5 Pack – 12 Farm Bucks
• Milk Bottle 10 Pack – 20 Farm Bucks


Power, or Crafting Energy, is what keeps the kitchen running and fortunately, when you start to run low, Power will regenerate on its own like Water. But if you don’t want to wait, you can always purchase power for your Crafting Kitchen for Farm Bucks:

• Power 2 Pack – 3 Farm Bucks
• Power 10 Pack – 8 Farm Bucks
• Power 15 Pack – 10 Farm Bucks


This consumable instantly grows any crop. Don’t forget about the FarmVille 2 cheat I told you about to instantly grow crops when you level up! But if you are far from a new level and you need your crops grown instantly, you can get Speed Grow from the general store:

• Speed-Grow 2 Pack – 3 Farm Bucks
• Speed-Grow 10 Pack – 10 Farm Bucks
• Speed-Grow 25 Pack – 20 Farm Bucks


One of the ingredients required in the Kitchen, Salt is used to craft recipes and you will most likely run out of it pretty often. You can use the “Ask” button to get more, or you can purchase more Salt for Farm Bucks:

• Salt 2 Pack – 2 Farm Bucks
• Salt 5 Pack – 4 Farm Bucks
• Salt 10 Pack – 7 Farm Bucks


Another ingredient used to craft recipes in FarmVille 2, Sugar is similar to Salt and you can again get it for Farm Bucks or by sending direct requests to neighbors:

• Sugar 2 Pack – 2 Farm Bucks
• Sugar 5 Pack – 4 Farm Bucks
• Sugar 10 Pack – 7 Farm Bucks


Did you accidentally let your crops wither? Re-planting crops can be a pain and you lose valuable Coins in the process. Luckily, you can purchase Unwither from the General Store! Unwither brings withered crops back to life instantly!

• Unwither 2 Pack – 3 Farm Bucks
• Unwither 10 Pack – 10 Farm Bucks
• Unwither 25 Pack – 20 Farm Bucks

And these are all the consumables available in FarmVille 2. Basically, it would be best to avoid spending real money on these consumables and try to get them from your neighbors, but if you really need some fast, it would be a lot cheaper to purchase the larger packs as you will get, this way, the biggest bang for your dollar.