Farm Bucks are the premium currency of FarmVille 2 and the currency you’ll most likely want to have aplenty of because it’s used to purchase all the great things in the game, from premium items to boosts and advantages that make you a much better farmer. However, getting more Farm Bucks in FarmVille 2 might seem a little difficult, because there’s no easy job of getting them without spending real cash.

So I have decided to create this article and share with you some tips and tricks on how to get more Farm Bucks in FarmVille 2!

At the moment of writing, the only way to get more Farm Bucks in FarmVille is by purchasing Facebook credits or direct purchases with your credit card or PayPal. If you select Facebook Credits, Facebook will first display how many Facebook Credits you currently have. If you have sufficient Facebook Credits to complete the purchase, you will not be asked to charge to a credit card or to PayPal; you will be able to complete the purchase with Facebook Credits.

Be warned that right now there are no other ways of getting free Farm Bucks in FarmVille 2 and any Facebook page or individual or website that promises to give you free Farm Bucks will actually scam you since there is no way to get Farm Bucks for free – unless Zynga offers them! So be careful and play safe!