Zynga has begun their promotion of the recently released FarmVille 2 and they are doing it by challenging us to complete some FarmVille 2 related quests in ChefVille. I am here to share with you all the details about these new goals (three of them, to be specific) and share with you a guide to the ChefVille FarmVille 2 goals!

Helping Harvest
– Reach Level 3 in FarmVille 2
– Collect 4 Tomatoes
– Cook 3 Dishes Using Wheat Bread
Rewards: 2 XP, 3 Tomatoes and 4 Wild Onions

– Get to Level 10 in FarmVille 2
– Tend 14 Wild Onion Patches
– Give 20 Chef’s Services
Rewards: 5 XP, 5 Garlic and 2 Wild Onions

Farmer’s Almanac
– Reach Level 15 in FarmVille 2
– Get 10 Farmer’s Almanacs from your Friends
– Cook 10 Dishes
Rewards: 3 Instant Thymes and a Market Stand

All in all, I think that we can all agree that these FarmVille 2 goals for ChefVille are a nice addition and challenge and, even though pretty demanding with the level requirements, they are completely doable.