Zynga decided to start the new year in FarmVille in style and decided to launch a brand new farm for us to take care of (the ninth in the game!). We’re talking about the Enchanted Glen farm, a place where fairies live in a fairy tale land and it’s up for us to help them and create the best looking farm ever!

The FarmVille Enchanted Glen farm puts us in a land of pixies who need our help restoring Enchanted Glen to its original glory. Although story wise this doesn’t come up with much, there are a lot of brand new items to enjoy and an overall theme that I am sure many of the remaining FarmVille players will love. Who doesn’t love pixies and fairy tales, after all?

So at least check out the new farm of FarmVille right now for 45 Farm Cash (early access) or wait for it to be released for free next week. Either way, you will surely love creating and managing your new fairy farm in Farmville Enchanted Glen!