With Zynga launching the first chapter of the Enchanted Glen farm in FarmVille, we also get a new series of missions to complete, which are grouped in chapters, just like all the missions of the past expansion farms released in the game. I am sure you are really curious to see what the pixies need from us, so let’s check out this complete guide to the FarmVille Enchanted Glen Chapter 1 missions!

You’re Fairy Welcome
– Get 6 Fairy Acorns
– Harvest 20 Elfin Tea
– Harvest 2 Home Mushrooms
Rewards: 150 XP, a Sky Kitten, 10 FP (aka XP points), 2 Magic Maple and 3,000 coins

Rock Solid
– Get 8 Stones
– Harvest 20 Gossamer Ivy
– Harvest Sky Kitten
Rewards: 200 XP, a Lantern Gazebo, 20 FP, 2 Rain Drops and 3,500 coins

Traveling Petaler
– Get 9 Fairy Petals
– Harvest 30 Dream Cotton
– Make Midsummer Tea 2 Times
Rewards: 250 XP, a Guardian Tree, 30 FP, 2 Fairy Dust and 4,000 coins

Twilly Twigs
– Get 8 Fairy Twigs
– Harvest 40 Dark Dahlia
– Harvest Sky Kitten 2 Times
Rewards: 300 XP, a Fairy Tale Book, 40 FP, 2 Magic Maple and 4,500 coins

Drop It
– Get 9 Water Drops
– Harvest 50 Butterfly Roses
– Make 2 Dream Cookies
Rewards: 350 XP, a Red Rose Tree, 50 FP, 2 Rain Drops and 5,000 coins

Blown Away
– Get 10 Wind
– Harvest 60 Ambrosia Tulips
– Make 2 Red Rose Cakes
Rewards: 400 XP, a Zephyr Horse, 60 FP, 2 Fairy Dust and 5,500 coins

And these are the first missions that we have to complete in the Enchanted Glen expansion farm in FarmVille. They seem to be really fun, and the rewards are clearly nice, so in the end we might all end up loving this new farm!