And finally, we’re here with the last set of missions in the SimCity Social Rock Royalty series, the 3rd part or chapter with 4 more missions for us to complete for the ultimate reward, the Rock Festival for our city. So let’s check out the guide to the SimCity Social Rock Royalty Part 3 missions below and let’s make sure that we complete these missions in time!

The Mysterious Mrs. B
– Have a 1-Star Hit Factory
– Collect 1,500 Materials from the Hit Factory
Rewards: 5 collectibles

Everyone’s a Critic
– Ask for 3 Album Reviews
– Have a 3 Star record Store
Rewards: 15,000 Simoleons

Plan B
– Buy a Leather Jacket
– Find a Studded Collar
– Buy Black Eye Liner
Rewards: 20,000 Simoleons

A Song from the Heart
– Serenade Felicity
Rewards: 10,000 Simoleons

And together with that, for completing the entire Rock Royalty series in SimCity Social, you will also receive a Rock Festival. I sure hope it was worth it!

And don’t forget, if you still need help with the previous missions, you can check out the Part 2 here.