Rock Doctors are the latest feature released in SimCity Social this week and they’re introduced via a Rock Royalty mission series of epic proportions – it’s so big that it had to be divided into three chapters and I am here to share with you the details about the first of them. So if you’re curious to find out what it’s all about, read on this guide for the SimCity Social Rock Royalty Part 1 missions!

Doc Around the Clock
– Build the Rock Club
– Collect from the Mocktail Bar
Rewards: 3 X-Rays

Home of the Stars
– Collect from the Rock Club
– Have 1 Platinum Record
Rewards: 10,000 Simoleons

Who’s That Girl?
– Retrieve Roger’s Groupie Scrapbook
– Check Rodger’s Fan Mail
– Meditate
Rewards: 3 Cowbells

And this is it! These are the requirements and rewards for the SimCity Social Rock Royalty Part 1 missions, the first set of three chapters that we’ll have to complete in the next couple of weeks for the ultimate reward, a Rock Festival for our virtual cities! So start working on these goals, because there’s a huge reward in play.