I’ve told you about Hidden Agenda in my review here on Unigamesity, and now it’s time to go a bit more in depth strategy-wise and make sure that we use all the tricks in the book to get the best and most out of the game. Therefore, in this Hidden Agenda Cheats article I teach you how to solve crimes faster in the game, and how to make sure that you’re always ahead of your friends with the biggest possible score.

Sounds good? Then let’s check out the Hidden Agenda Tips & Tricks below!

1. Decide what to play
There are basically two areas in which you can play: in the city, gathering items from the characters, or the actual hidden object scenes. Mixing them up is usually a poor strategy because HO scenes should be played one after another so that you have all the items still fresh in your mind. So decide first if during your play time you will focus more on the city missions or the HO scenes, and keep doing those!

2. Go for combos
During the HO scenes, combos are THE thing to care about if you think about getting scores as high as possible. It is natural to be unable to find all items, especially during your first few plays, but try to remember them and always find at least a few items from the list, before clicking them. Have in mind that clicking the hint button won’t cancel the combo meter, so as soon as you clicked the last item you know, quickly hit the Hint button and you’ll have one more to add to your meter!

3. Play the same scene over and over again
It’s a good strategy to play the same scene until you master it. The more you play in a row, the easier it is for you to remember where all the items are, resulting in better and bigger combos for you. This way you will complete the levels faster and solve the crimes faster!

4. Jobs first, HO scenes later!
If you have enough energy to do both, start with the jobs (mini-missions in the city) since they require time to be available once more. After completing them, play HO scenes and when you are back, you might play the jobs once again.

5. Area of a job
After starting a job, if you hover your mouse over the items in the job, you can see the area in which the objects are. This helps a lot with your search, so make sure to use that often, so that you don’t search in the wrong place. Also, have in mind that usually some items tend to be hidden on windows or houses – the short, long ones, so always keep an eye on the details!

6. Play in Full Screen
It might sound like an obvious one, but I’m saying it just to make sure you do it: playing Hidden Agenda in full screen mode makes the objects a little bit bigger on the screen, and therefore they are easier to find. So never forget to play the game in full screen mode!

And these are my tips and tricks for Hidden Agenda on Facebook. If you have others to share with fellow players, do so in the comment section below!