Words of Wonder is a new Facebook game from Disney with a pretty straightforward approach: you need to spell words in order to get to the next level and help rebuild a lost village. Although things seem pretty obvious, some Words of Wonder cheats to have you score the biggest possible scores will always be welcome, and that’s exactly what I am offering here: some Words of Wonder tips and tricks to help you get three stars on all levels!

1. Long words only!
You can create words in any order you want to: from right to left, then up and diagonally. Just keep searching for words and make sure you only spell words that are at least 4 characters long. 5 and up is ideal, because you get the special letter multiplier x3, but 4 characters should be the minimum to go for.

2. Use the special letters
If you go for tip #1, then you already have a bunch of special letters that destroy letters around them and give you more points. Make sure to use these letters as often as possible because that’s where the high scores are.

3. Use combos
The real “damage” to the score board is made by creating combos (more special letters in the same word). Try to think ahead a little and try to make it so that you will create words with two or more special letters inside.

4. Take short breaks
After a while, you get “word blindness” and won’t be able to spot the right words. Take a short break, look away from the computer, breathe some fresh air and come back. There’s no time limit in Words of Wonder, so make sure that you take all the time you need for yourself to succeed.

5. Use extra words
The several few levels are extremely simple, but things get a bit more complicated as you go through the levels. So make sure you purchase extra words and save them for when you really need them. The thing is that you will probably need them sooner rather than later.

6. Ignore the hints
Usually, the little owl helps you, but it only shows you 3 word letters. These should generally be ignored (unless you somehow can get a 3 letter word with special letters). Look hard and you will find longer words which are better.

And these would be, for now, the Words of Wonder cheats that I have to share with you. If you have other tips and tricks to keep the score streaks high, don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section below.