Words of Wonder is a new Facebook game from Disney with a pretty straightforward approach: you need to spell words in order to get to the next level and help rebuild a lost village. Although things seem pretty obvious, some Words of Wonder cheats to have you score the biggest possible scores will always be welcome, and that’s exactly what I am offering here: some Words of Wonder tips and tricks to help you get three stars on all levels!

1. Long words only!
You can create words in any order you want to: from right to left, then up and diagonally. Just keep searching for words and make sure you only spell words that are at least 4 characters long. 5 and up is ideal, because you get the special letter multiplier x3, but 4 characters should be the minimum to go for.

2. Use the special letters
If you go for tip #1, then you already have a bunch of special letters that destroy letters around them and give you more points. Make sure to use these letters as often as possible because that’s where the high scores are.

3. Use combos
The real “damage” to the score board is made by creating combos (more special letters in the same word). Try to think ahead a little and try to make it so that you will create words with two or more special letters inside.

4. Take short breaks
After a while, you get “word blindness” and won’t be able to spot the right words. Take a short break, look away from the computer, breathe some fresh air and come back. There’s no time limit in Words of Wonder, so make sure that you take all the time you need for yourself to succeed.

5. Use extra words
The several few levels are extremely simple, but things get a bit more complicated as you go through the levels. So make sure you purchase extra words and save them for when you really need them. The thing is that you will probably need them sooner rather than later.

6. Ignore the hints
Usually, the little owl helps you, but it only shows you 3 word letters. These should generally be ignored (unless you somehow can get a 3 letter word with special letters). Look hard and you will find longer words which are better.

And these would be, for now, the Words of Wonder cheats that I have to share with you. If you have other tips and tricks to keep the score streaks high, don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section below.


  1. can you please tell me how to unlock the next level when I don’t have enough gold and don’t want to pay. I send/receive energy all the time. Would appreciate anyone’s help. Thanks!

    • It should take you to the next level where it asks you for something & then you can click & ask your friends so that needed thing there. It’s always at the beginning of the next level.

    • I have the same trouble, I’m trying to get to level 151 but it won’t let me get gold anymore from watching commercials. It says ask friends for help but it doesn’t pull up a friends list either to ask friends for help. I don’t want to spend money to advance. I’ve gotten this far without it why start now?

    • My friends sends me help to move up a level but am unable to receive them. It keeps showing haven’t received and it shows up on theirs they sent it. What could be the problem?

    • I am new to this game and did not sign up through fb I am trying to figure out how to move into chapter 3 … I am shy a smidge in my last star and it wants me to buy more gold…how do I move on without doing that?

  2. On level 131 it says to use a x3+x3 four times. First of all: when I make a six letter word it forms a x3. When I make two x3 words and then connect them with a word using both x3 it does not mark it as being a x3+x3. Am I doing something wrong? Secondly, I am finding it extremely difficult to make six letter words. Again, what am I doing wrong?

    • I have made 5-letter and even six letter combos using two of the x3’s and about half the time it just IGNORES it and does not credit it as one of the four required on level 131!!! I have about HAD IT!!!! I understand where the five-letter word is needed to make the x3 tiles show up, but why does it matter how long the word is that combines the two x3’s??? That is a load of crap! and if that is the rule it should be PLAINLY STATED . . . SOMEWHERE!!!! It says use a x3 plus a x3 to get one credit–it does NOT say it has to be a 5-letter word!!!

    • I did not have a problem with this level.. Untie ribbons to get feathers to move down. When you get to the bottom do not make 4 letter words in the column of the feather. They will block your way. Good Luck

    • I did not have a problem with this level 165.. Untie ribbons to get feathers to move down. When you get to the bottom do not make 4 letter words in the column of the feather. They will block your way. Good Luck

  3. I just loaded W-o-W for the day, and I seem to have lost ALL of my messages (300+) which means that I cannot draw on the energy or the extra moves I had there. Can anyone tell me how to get them back??

  4. How can you get 48 stars on a chapter if there are 15 levels on which you can score 3 stars each? This only comes out to 45 stars. How do you get the remaining 3 stars?

  5. I am having trouble on level 147. The quill goes to the corner with one letter so I can’t make a word and the quill doesn’t move over to the next box when it’s played. Really stumped on this one.

    • make sure you have a 4 or 5 letter word made when you combine the two this way you are half way to the next combination

    • After months of playing this game I have finally given up on level 269. When I do the right thing it either doesn’t count it or usually also blows all the other line clears leaving me without enough moves to make my own.

    • Anyone ever get past Level 269? I have conquered all the others, but just can’t seem to get this one. I hate giving up.

    • The trick to 269 is to do the provided line clearers in order so that you have enough & don’t need to make a 6/7 letter yourself. You can do them in a way that they don’t blow each other up. Honest.

  6. I am stuck on level 140. It says to use a 2+ or 3+3+ and clear the line. I know how to get the 2+ by forming a 4 letter word the last letter turns into the red 2+ tile and I know that by forming a 5 letter word I can get the last letter to turn into a 3+ tile. What I don’t understand is how to achieve a line clear. Please help.

    • Christine, there’s three steps to get thru level 140.
      First, you have to make a four letter word to get a pink x2 tile.
      Next, you have to make a SIX or more letter word to get a blue and white x3 tile (not the solid blue tile for a five letter word.)
      Then you have to make a word that uses both the pink x2 tile and the blue and white x3 tile. It can be a small three letter word, as long as you use both the tiles.
      You have to do that three times before you get thru the level.
      Good luck!

  7. I have an iPhone 4S and I load this game and the Disney logo comes up and that’s it. It never advances to the actual game. I play on my computer but want to play on my phone also. Any ideas?

    • Level 140 where you have to clear 8 x2 tiles? Create a 4 letter word to create a x2 tile, then create a 4 letter word that uses that x2 tile & voila: another x2 tile. Continue until you’ve got 8 of ’em blown.

      If you can’t create ’em that easy try another part of the board. Ending words in “s” helps a lot.

  8. Also stuck on 140. I believe a line clear is when an entire line either vertical or horizontal is cleared. I’ve cleared entire lines before but don’t know how I did them

    • I can’t get through this level either, about to give words of wonder the boot. This isn’t fun.

    • For level 279 I needed to use a couple of boosts: an extra turn, start with a “3x” tile, and use the vowels count as two letters boost. I had been on it for weeks before I figured out this strategy.

  9. Can anyone help with level 105? I have been stuck for awhile now. It’s instructions are 6 ‘x3″ tiles… Problem is I used, almost, all my moves before I saw the FIRST x3 tile :( Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  10. How do I get to level 151? One person sent me…I guess it’s energy?….and it looks like I need to more to be able to play! UGH!!!! WHY do we have to go through all this to play the game?

  11. Hey guys, my friends sends me energy but I am stuck on level 25 where it will NOT let me play. It just rolls down a parchment scroll and covers the playing screen….What does that mean and how do I get around that. All the energies my friends have given to me and it doesn’t do me any good, I can not play, period! Any advise out there???

  12. How do I know the tiles that need to be removed on level 89 ? I have been trying to complete level a few days but can’t seem to get all tiles.

  13. Hi, been stuck on Level 170 for a couple of weeks now. you have to x2 CLEAR LINE. When you get the screen to play then it says x2 and shows 2 x3. So it what I am think you need to have x2 + 2-x3 in order to CLEAR A LINE? I have done it a coupld of times and tried to duplicate it but NO DEAL…Anyway anone has an answer thise question. I am getting pretty sick on this level now. HELP!!!

  14. I’m stuck on level 140. I thought I understood the directions. I am getting x2 letters and have tried to use them in making a 6 letter word, which should be a line clear, but I am not scoring. I’ve also tried to make words with the x2 letters and then a 6 letter word for a line clear and it is not working either. What am I doing wrong?

  15. Level 83 is to drop 1 quill. The quill is on the top of a left column by itself that only has two letters and the rest teacups. How do you possibly do this?

  16. On level 167 I destroyed the bombs. If not you will lose your game. But i still can not clear all the ink in the allotted time. If someone has, please pass the word down.

    Thank you

    • Made it thru level 167. Had to make 6 letter words that could take out one or two rows and still keep track of the bombs. Good Luck

    • Lydia, I am (and have been stuck) on Level 168, also. ANY help will be appreciated. I try for the long words and bonus tiles – still can’t seem to get them all!! Yikes! Thanks!

    • Carla

      I went back over level 168. Trying to combine the 2X’s to 2X’s 3X to 2X. Any combination you can use. Be careful of the bombs. Good Luck

  17. Please help I’m on level 190. What does 7′ x3″ mean. Is it 7 five letter words. Or 7 six letter words. Or 7 letter word combined with a five letter word. Seven times please help, it is using up all my energy.

    • Vodca

      It means to make a five letter word 7 times. Five letter words come up with the BLUE with the 3 on it. Use that letter to make a word. Try to make that word a five letter word, so you dont have to use up all your time. Hope this helps and good luck.

  18. Any help for Level 195 Clear 215 tiles in 27 moves. Tried different combinations, cleared up too 175 tiles, before running out of moves. Please help T/Y

  19. For those on level 404, I have yet to beat it, however to break the center ink vial, you must get a six letter word and have it land to the right or left so that it clears the line… I did it once, but didn’t have enough moves to complete…

  20. I have got to level 300 and it says to clear 4 “line” tiles. But when I create line tile then use them to spell a word, it does not register as a clearance. Can anyone help?

  21. Chapter 27, level 404: Been stuck on this for weeks now. There’s that phial sitting there in the middle, between two columns. How on earth am I supposed to break it?
    HELP, PLEASE, before I give up on the game!!!!

  22. At level 269 why does it say ‘or’ on the line clear tile? Does anyone know? Am I reading it wrongly? The rules aren’t very clear are they.

  23. I am trying to start chapter 19 (271). For the first time ever I have not been able to get a third player to help me unlock the chapter, and I have been sending requests for a few weeks now. Usually pretty much the same people help me out but I haven’t heard from a couple of them. Does anyone know why, or how to make sure a request gets through? Thanks

  24. I am having trouble on chapter 2 level 28. I have to drop 4 quills and they show you just one quill at a time. I simply cannot complete the task on time. Is there a trick as to where to start the words because sometimes a quill is at the bottom but I can’t make a word there.

    • you have to get a 3x in the corner next to letter to explode the ink jars im having trouble getting rid o blue lines letters wont drop cos of blue lnes in the way doing my head in

  25. I am stuck on Level 598. I don’t see how you can make 5 letter words. This is not a fun level. Any help will be appreciated.

  26. Been on Chapter 27 for almost 2 months now. It’s getting annoying. What do you have to do to get through it? I would like to go on to another chapter, but you’re making it too hard. I’ve tried everything possible. All my messages are disappearing also. Why? Especially when I don”t get a chance to use them, Love the game, but getting very discouraged. Please help.

  27. I have usually ignored all the “quests” but started doing them, help get you practice on the lower levels again. What I can’t understand is what do the quests do for you – I keep playing and them more and more appear it seems to be never ending, I can’t seem to get to the end. The are called Oasis, Pirates Island and Dragon, it says no more quests are available yet every time I collect more and more appear to be completed. I kept thinking if I got to the end I would find out what I got for doing them, but still no end in sight. What is the point of these?

    • Patty, you have to get the quills down to the bottom of container. The swirly things will whirl it out of box to drop on arrows


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