There are multiple possible approaches for Shadowrun Returns, but it’s always a good idea to have some basic tips and tricks from players who completed the game and hopefully help you improve your game strategy. And that is what I am going to do in this article and hopefully others will join the conversation and add their own valuable Shadowrun Returns tips and tricks for improving your play time and, of course, prolonging your characters’ life.

1. It all starts with character creation – choosing the race, etiquette and investing the first skill points is usually done without actually knowing what you should do, and probably you will invest them wrong (I did, at least). But don’t worry – you can earn karma points pretty easy during the game and right the wrongs, investing points in the areas you prefer.

2. Always complete side missions: not only that you can get some extra Karma from completing all side missions, but every time you will receive a reward of some sort that will help you in the game.

3. Play the nice guy: I don’t really know if it indeed has an effect over the story or things that you get in the game, but in my case it totally worked playing the good guy. So especially if you see doors closing in your face and characters refusing to help because you’re a smart one, switch your attitude!

4. Don’t invest in charisma: many people do, hoping that they will gain advantages with it. It very rarely happens and those karma points are really not worth being lost.

5. How to access your inventory: well, you can’t until a certain point in the game when you will get your own locker and will be able to access it from there only!

6. Don’t invest in Intelligence: there really is no need for it either. And we all know that your character is not really stupid!

7. Recommended build: Mage / Summoner. Although I my play style is generally in the opposite direction of magic, this is indeed a very good build for your character. The Mage skills will give you all the magical power that you can wish for, while the Summoner gives you the chance to bring in extra meat for taking damage.

8. Focus on buffing your runners (instead of debuffing the enemy)!

9. Make sure you always have some extra medpacks with you and always have extra in your stash. There might be a time where you will really need them.

10. Use the healing spells carefully: they only heal the last damage, so make sure you heal a 10 hit, not a lousy 2 damage!

And these would be my tips and tricks for Shadowrun Returns. What are yours?