One of the latest featured apps on Facebook, Relic Quest, started to take a lot of my free time. As stated in my Relic Quest review, the game is not perfect, but does a really great job at keeping you hooked and delivering a great hidden object experience. However, things can get even better for you and so I have decided to created this Relic Quest cheats article with tips & tricks to help you get the most out of the game.

So if you got stuck along the way or simply you need to tune up your game, read on and hopefully it will happen.

1. Follow the game’s story (missions)
There’s no need to get ahead of stuff and instead you should focus on completing the missions. They help you go through the scenes and the game at the intended pace and you won’t find yourself stuck at a point, having to gather a ton of materials because you have just used them on something that you shouldn’t have. Simply follow the story and everything will work great!

2. Complete the same scene over and over again
It’s pretty obvious that you get to learn the placement of the items in each scene the longer you play it. Therefore, it’s a great strategy to focus on playing a single scene at a time in order to boost your scores and have the item positions fresh in your mind. Even the coins and tool boxes, who change positions if you replay a scene usually have just a few places you can find them in and soon you won’t have a problem getting all the items ASAP.

3. Focus on combos
It’s difficult at start, but you should be able to do it pretty soon afterwards: combos are the key to faster mastery and, of course, huge scores. So quickly scan the list of items you need to find and click those that you already know where they are, plus any coins and tool boxes you find along the way. When you don’t know an item’s position, simply click the hint button as the combo meter does not reset and maybe by the time you click it you notice another and can keep up the great run.

4. Don’t use power-ups when you start a scene
Many gamers tend to use their power-ups or boosts when they start playing a new scene – especially the one that reveals all the hidden items. This is a mistake because you are not familiar with the scene, the object requirements will change and you will most likely forget where the items were and actually waste the power-up. It’s better when you are pretty familiar with the scene to use such a power-up to make sure that you get a high score.

5. Add neighbors/friends
Except for the fact that you need them for completing some missions, friends are vital in the game to keep your energy levels high and help you around. Therefore, add at least four neighbors to keep everything running smoothly. If you don’t have any actual friends playing the game and you can’t convince any, you will surely find active players over at the game’s official Facebook page.

6. Museum decorations
Usually, you need to focus on getting the decorations requested by the missions in order to complete scenes, but as soon as that is not enough, build decorations yourself. What you build does not matter much, what you should care about is the museum rating improvement (hover over the items to see it). You also need to build items that you meet the requirements for, so make sure that before you buy, you hover your mouse over the item as it will show you its requirements.

As a golden rule of thumb, the more expensive exhibits are giving you more Museum Rating points than decor items, but the decor items don’t need extra items to be built. So actually, if you have enough coins, it’s a better idea to get decor items to increase the ratings and keep those hard to get items in case you really need them (to build an item for a quest, for example).

And this would be it! These Relic Quest tips and tricks should be enough to get you started and help you rack up the high scores and crush the competition. If you have other tips and tricks to share with us, let us know in the comment section below.