Thrill Points are some of the most important elements of CoasterVille since they allow you to build new structures in your cities, and are also pretty difficult to get because they are not generated just like the other items and we have some options to boost our production of Thrill Points in CoasterVille. I will cover them in this article where I will share with you some tips on how to get more Thrill Points in CoasterVille!

1. Boost attractions
The best and easiest way to get extra Thrill Points in CoasterVille is to manually boost your attractions. Simply select them and click “Boost” and you’ll get the indicated number of Thrill Points. Have in mind, though, that not all attractions give you the same amount of Thrill Points, so it’s best to boost the ones that offer you the most.

2. Don’t boost too often
If you click the boost button too often, though, you will break your attractions and it will cost you coins and goods to repair them. So the best thing would be to keep it safe: boost your attraction once every 5 minutes and not more often!

3. Upgrade your attractions!
Upgraded attractions offer you more Thrill Points, so it’s smart to upgrade them. Again, try to focus on upgrading the attractions that produce most Thrill Points first in order to get even more. Roller coasters are a special element here as they produce a ton of Thrill Points, but they are also the most difficult to create since they are expensive. However, it usually happens that the Roller Coasters – even after your first upgrade, are the main Thrill Point giver.

4. Roller Coasters!
Which means that you should focus on expanding your roller coasters for the biggest amount of Thrill Points. Usually, as soon as I log in to the game I boost the Roller Coaster, so I can boost it again after I collect stuff and perform other actions around, without the risk of ruining it. Aim to get at least 4 pieces in the Roller Coaster as soon as possible, and you’ll have a lot of Thrill Points to spend!

5. Keep the attractions running
This is an obvious one. Attraction not running, there are no Thrill Points rewarded!

And this is it! These are my tips for getting more Thrill Points in CoasterVille and I hope you’ll put them to great use. Have fun and if you find any new ones, don’t hesitate to let us know!