I have told you recently about the hit indie survival title Don’t Starve and now I want to take things a bit deeper and help you with some Don’t Starve tips and tricks for a better strategy in this article that can be used as a Don’t Starve guide for beginners and advanced players. As you probably found out already, there are a ton of things to do in the game and many dangers to be aware of, so if you don’t want to find it all on your own, this Don’t Starve guide will help you a lot!

So let’s begin checking out the Don’t Starve tips and tricks for a better strategy!

Don’t Starve – Guide to day 1
Usually, the first day is the most important and you won’t be able to achieve too much during the first day. Try to explore an area as big as possible (eventually find the rocks area, the dense forest, maybe the pigs and avoid the swamp). During your first day, make sure to collect cut grass, twigs, rocks and flint and, of course, some berries and carrots or even seeds to make sure you don’t starve. Build an axe and cut some trees to be ready for the night, where you need a fire to survive. A regular fire is best for the first night, because you won’t be able yet to know exactly where you will set up base. But this should be enough for starters!

Don’t Starve tips and tricks

1. Explore hard to find rocks to mine. They give you rocks necessary for a fire pit, flint and every now and then gold nuggets, which are extremely valuable. After stockpiling some food, rocks to mine are the next important thing for you!

2. After you’ve done some exploring, find a place for your camp. A good spot is near food (carrots, rabbit holes and even berries) and where is an open space with random resources although you can bring them close. A fire pit is better than a regular fire for your camp since you can restart it once it’s gone. Also build a research doll near the fire and start researching (this also makes it easier to spot your camp on the map). Another good strategy is to build your camp near the beefalos for the manure.

3. Start researching – the weapons and armor should be your priority since they will become extremely valuable. Make sure to learn and get a wooden suit and spear as soon as possible. There are a ton of dangers out there!

4. Don’t try to interact and DO NOT attack animals until you know exactly you can beat them. Usually, you can’t and there are some that you can’t outrun.

5. Stay away from swamps, especially if you see tentacles around – they will kill you (although you can usually outrun them.

6. Don’t let your food spoil – don’t get too many berries or carrots, they spoil pretty quickly. Make sure to have a lot of seeds – they don’t spoil and you can eat them for a nice bonus. Also, try to cook all your food as it is better (start with using the meat with the fire and later on explore with the cooking pot).

7. You can sometimes catch rabbits when they are far away from their hole and if you attack from the direction of the hole. They will run towards you and BOOM! Quick meat. Also, you can hunt birds with the torch at night (while they are sleeping) and butterfly wings can also be eaten and they’re easy to catch during the day.

8. Always carry food on you and enough stuff for a fire. You never know when you will hit trouble and won’t be able to make it back to your base, so you need to have enough to survive.

9. Dig up twig patches and cut grass patches, get them and plant them wherever you want: in a few days, new twigs and grass will grow. The same goes for berries and you should also plant trees. DO NOT dig up rabbit holes, you’re killing your food supply!

10. Haven’t found the beefalos for manure? You can feed flowers to the pigs and they will produce manure, which is essential for getting more food.

11. Find graves and dig them for special treasures: research those for a ton of points. Also, in your first run, get as many gold nuggets as possible and research them – you can’t survive too long first and it’s a bad idea to lose potential research points (the ones you already have, as well as the researched things will be carried over).

12. Don’t eat Monster Meat and don’t feed it to the pigs! Very bad things will happen!

13. Make sure you don’t start fire near trees as you will burn them all down eventually.

14. Plan ahead, arrange your chest and repair your base during the night. There’s not much to do over the night anyway, so you shouldn’t waste the day rearranging stuff.

15. Create two or more “homes”: eventually, you will have to travel or run away from nasty monsters. A good idea would be to have more fire pits and research facilities and camps overall, in case you need to run away and hide.

16. Always cook your food. Use the pot for better food!

17. Need a quick heal? Get some honey, as it is the only thing I have found in the game to heal you!

18. Get Turbo Farm Plots when you can – when you do, if you have enough manure, you will never know what hunger is and you’ll have to focus on battling the beasts!

19. Don’t give up. The next time you play, I promise that you will live longer!

And this is it, these are my tips and tricks of Don’t Starve. I am sure there’s a lot more to say, so please share your survival tips in the comment section below!