Hello there and welcome to the Endless Escape level 47 walkthrough, as well as the walkthrough for Endless Escape Level 48, the last two levels released with the latest update in the game. It took me a while to find the solutions to these two new levels but it eventually happened and I am here to share them with you, so check them out below and have fun beating the game!

Endless Escape Level 47 Walkthrough

If you check out the numbers written on the candle, you will notice that there is a pattern: first number increases by 109, second increases by 111, the next one increases by 113 and final one by 205. This means that the number we’re looking for increases by 207, following the same rule, so the number is 891.

Endless Escape Level 48 Walkthrough

Oh, this is a crazy level! All the colors and shapes drove me crazy, but eventually we made it: first, tap the light blue (with stripes) tie, then tap the white triangle in the big triangle until you get an arrow with red margins pointing up. Then, in the upper right corner, tap the square to the right until it has a yellow triangle, red triangle and two blue bases. Finally, tap the 4th shape on the wall and you can get the key and proceed to the next level!

And this is it! You have completed the Endless Escape Level 47 walkthrough as well as the nearly impossible Endless Escape level 48. We also got a new password, and this time it is BURGER – we need it to unlock the upcoming levels when the update hits, so make sure you remember it.

See you soon with the rest of the walkthroughs for Endless Escape or simply check out the solution to the previous levels!