Endless Escape walkthrough here! Endless Escape is a brand new Android game that challenges us to exit the room and think out of the box & solve puzzles in order to keep going forward. I am here to share with you a complete Endless Escape walkthrough and we’ll start with the first 10 levels, some pretty easy levels to start with that get us used to this wonderful game.

So let’s not waste any more time and let’s check out the Endless Escape walkthrough below!

Endless Escape Level 1 Walkthrough
Tap the door to open it, then click to move to the next level.

Endless Escape Level 2 Walkthrough
Tap the vase to remove it, then get the key and use it to open the door.

Endless Escape Level 3 Walkthrough
Take the rock and break with it the glass. Take the key and exit

Endless Escape Level 4 Walkthrough
Spell the word AFRICA by tapping the letters and proceed.

Endless Escape Level 5 Walkthrough
Tap the squares to have the colors yellow, blue, red. Tap the flowers to get key and use it to exit.

Endless Escape Level 6 Walkthrough
Tap the pieces from the top left corner to connect the wires, as seen in the image below, then take the key and exit.

Endless Escape Level 7 Walkthrough
Tilt your phone left, to turn on lights, then tilt it right to turn on the other light. Tap the door and exit.

Endless Escape Level 8 Walkthrough
Get the paint bucket and brush and use them together in your inventory. Select them in the inventory and rub the middle part of the wall to reveal a door – exit.

Endless Escape Level 9 Walkthrough
Turn the question marks into 16, then get the key and exit.

Endless Escape Level 10 Walkthrough
There are six differences between the images, and I marked them for you below:

And this is it! You have completed the first 10 levels of the Endless Escape game and you can now move forward to the next levels. I will be here to share with you the rest of the walkthrough for Endless Escape, so make sure to check back shortly!