We’re back with the Endless Escape walkthrough for the Android game that was just released to Google Play and this time we’re moving 10 levels forward with the Endless Escape Level 11 – Level 20 walkthrough. So if you got stuck somewhere along the way, I am here to share with you the solutions and you’ll learn what to do to get past these levels!

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the Endless Escape Level 11 – Level 20 Walkthrough below!

Endless Escape Level 11 walkthrough
Tap the cat painting and get scissors. Tap the plant and get cat food. Use scissors with food and then put the food in the yellow bowl. Get the key and exit!

Endless Escape Level 12 walkthrough
Simply wait for the clock to make a full turn and you can open the door.

Endless Escape Level 13 walkthrough
If you look from the side, you notice that the numbers are: 1, 2, 4, 5. Put them on the squares to the right and you can get the key from the duck’s mouth.

Endless Escape Level 14 walkthrough
Get scissors from the back of the desk and use them to cut down the poster. Knock on the door until it opens.

Endless Escape Level 15 walkthrough
Tap the Options button to reveal the options menu and get the key from there. Use it to exit the room

Endless Escape Level 16 walkthrough
Put the phone flat on a table and wait for the meter to fill, then open the door.

Endless Escape Level 17 walkthrough
Tap the chair and get a piece of cloth. Rub the lamp until you get the key.

Endless Escape Level 18 walkthrough
Tap the Endless Escape logo in the bottom left corner and use the key to exit.

Endless Escape Level 19 walkthrough
Shake the phone until all the apples drop from the tree. Then pick them up and put them on the counter, then get the key and go to the next level.

Endless Escape Level 20 walkthrough
Swipe right a lot of times until the face above the door changes.

And this is it! You have completed 10 more levels of Endless Escape thanks to this walkthrough and I really hope you had fun with it – at least as much fun as I had completing the game. Stay tuned for a new update of the walkthrough or check out the previous levels if you need help.