The Endless Escape puzzle game on Android has been updated with a bunch of new levels and I am here to share with you the walkthrough for them. So we have solutions in this article to Endless Escape Level 37, Endless Escape Level 38, Endless Escape Level 39 and Endless Escape Level 40, which is enough to keep you going and past these new and really difficult levels.

So let’s not waste any more time and let’s check out the Endless Escape Level 37 – 40 walkthrough below, including the level 38 walkthrough which gave us all so many problems!

Endless Escape Level 37 walkthrough

The square to the right is divided into 4 pieces and each time you tap one you get a piece of the circle. Tap until you get the circle complete (the middle sized one) with no other lines coming out of it. Here is the image of how it looks like:

Endless Escape Level 38 walkthrough

The trick here is that the clock time to the left is seen in a mirror, so the time is not 21:51, it’s 12:15. So if you are to add 30 minutes, you will get 12:45, which are the numbers that you have to write to the right to be able to exit the level.

Endless Escape Level 39 walkthrough

Simply turn the phone upside down (so that the screen is facing the floor) and that cap will open and reveal the key.

Endless Escape Level 40 walkthrough

Ah, maths! It’s simple math, though, so set the numbers: 37 (after adding the first set), 90 on the second and 40 at the third. Where to get the number 40? Well, take it from “Stage 40” in the bottom right corner!

And this is it! These are the walkthroughs for Endless Escape Level 37 to Level 40, I will be back in a bit with the rest of the walkthroughs of the new series. Until then, you can check out the previous walkthroughs if you still need help!

Update: The walkthrough for 5 more levels has been posted here on Unigamesity!